hi hands I'm gonna tell you about the last three thrillers I read these are all brand new chew and our July releases they were all sent tweet my publishers they're all adult thrillers which doesn't happen so this is the three books I'm gonna talk about in this video we have the cabin at the end of the world by Paul Tremblay all these beautiful strangers by elizabeth klett off and her pretty face by Robin Harding Oh something else they all have in common I gave them all four or four and a half stars so I guess you can just click off the video now because you know they're all great and I recommend them off so see ya for those of you who are sticking around and need convincing of why to put these on your TBR I'll go ahead and tell you what they're all about so this is all these beautiful strangers by elizabeth klett off this one read kind of like a why a book but it's definitely been put in the adult age range so this book has a lot of different layers to it it is about 450 pages and we're following a couple different timelines we're in current day following a girl named Charlie who is at this new school and there's this club called the A's and it's like an elite group of people for like the rich kids in school the fancy kids in school and being part of this club obviously like you get to be a part of an exclusive club so you obviously want to join but they also kind of get preferential treatment at school it seems and they get to affect certain things that happen within a faculty but to be a part of the AIDS is not easy it's like a secret society so no one can know you're a part of it and they make sure no one knows your apartment because they make you do some sketchy stuff so if you like quit or the A's are found out they like have ways for you to not reveal the entire Club or the part of it and there's like this whole initiation to become a part of the club in the first place so that is what charlie is deal and then years before we're reading about her mother grace her mom wasn't like a fancy part of society but she ended up like becoming a part of this family who did all these fancy things and she became involved with this really rich man who built this house and kind of secluded her from everybody and we're trying to find out what happened to her because she might be missing she might be dead and through her timeline we're finding out how she became involved with this man and this family and how she had children and how she went missing or died and there's also this mysterious thing that happened in her timeline with like somebody at school and so we're covering that mystery and mystery of her mom and we're dealing with the A's and there's a lot of layers it wasn't confusing at all it was super interesting how everything weaves together and I loved every single one of the characters they were written super well it felt like a mash-up of like Gossip Girl like fancy high society sleek stuff and Pretty Little Liars because there's like people missing and mysterious things happening and it all takes place at I think it's a boarding school so if you're really into boarding school thriller stuff definitely check it out it does read kind of why a so if you're just getting into adult thrillers I think this would be a really good transitional book for you I was very entertained there were a couple surprising elements those are two things I look for in a thriller four stars next I have the cabin at the end of the world by Paul Tremblay I've read one Paul Tremblay before and just thought it was okay this was super interesting because it's basically all my favorite genres mixed together my two favorite genres are thrillers and contemporary with a tiny speculative twist I don't tend to like full on paranormal full-on fantasy supernatural crazy stuff but I like my books rooted in reality with just a little unexplained extra element some type of little fantastical thing in this book I think is one of the first books I've ever read that did both of those things it was a thriller very suspenseful and then it also was just like a realistic story about this family in a cabin with a little extra element so that was super exciting I essentially read this in one day it is 250 pages and it follows this family there are a husband and husband couple and they have an adopted daughter and they're staying at this cabin and right from the jump there are these people who show up at the cabin and basically try to hold them hostage because they are convinced that this family is going to help them save the world the world is going to end all of these horrific things are happening it's basically the apocalypse and this group of interesting characters all have to work together to save the planet now you might go into this a little apprehensive like I did but let me tell you four and a half stars close to five stars I could not get over how attached I was to these characters if you can do that in a thriller and in two hundred and fifty pages just develop these people so incredibly well like I just I don't know what I don't know what you have to read this I also love when my thrillers are like isolation thrillers seclusion thrillers where there's only like a word of five characters and the whole book and it all takes place in one spot this had me on the edge of my seat I think it's definitely in the horror genre I would call it more suspense apocalyptic thriller so this is definitely for a very specific group of people but if you tend to like the books that I like the weird books that I like the unexplained things the open ending so weird I really think you should check this out but it was so great it was shocking couldn't put it down extremely entertaining and the writing was so good and so weird like he was writing in first person and third person at the same time it's very hard to explain please read this and lastly her pretty face by Robin Harding this one of the three I had the lowest expectation is four and did it enough being like a four and a half star as well if you are looking for a domestic thriller that doesn't have to do with children being dead or missing I highly suggest this one I just noticed that with my very specific taste in thrillers often the domestic thrillers do have that missing dead injured child element and this does involve children but not in that way it's kind of got big little lies vibes I hate taking a really popular thriller and recommending books based on that but like if you did like big little lies this isn't the same plot at all but it has a similar vibe to it so this follows two moms who have become really close friends really quickly at this new school and they both have kids who are like eight years old the same age as my son so it was really interesting to read there's like classroom dynamics and the children are going through hard times and struggling and they're really good friends and they really need each other and then the mothers have this really intense relationship right away and I misunderstood what this said and I think I've pitched this wrong in a couple different videos so what's actually happening in this book is one of these moms is a murderer but we don't know which one and I misread this and I thought it was clear which one was the murderer and that's not what this says it says one of these women is not who she seems her real name is amber kumuk and she's a murderer so we're reading some different perspectives were reading back in the day what happened with amber kunuk and the person she murdered and all the repercussions and what happened with all of that and then we're reading present-day from color perspectives as well but mostly with these two women and their friendship and their secrets get revealed and I was highly entertained and very surprised by some things I mean there's only so many surprising things that can happen like there's only two women and one of them is a murderer so really there's only two options of like the big reveal and you can figure it out as you go along you can come up with your predictions but then there's a little bunch of other little things happening which we're all super surprising to me I really really liked this it was captivating in a completely opposite way that this was like these were both so entertaining but this one I read in one day and this I took six days to finish I don't know it was just like this really intricate dense story and I really took my time reading it I will say it's more mystery chicklet then thriller there's not a lot of thrills happening but you've got the mystery you've got the friendship very similar tone to big little lives and I gave it four and a half stars none of them got five stars it's very rare the thriller guest five stars but all of these are very memorable to me and they're all pretty different so the fact that I rated them all really high is pretty cool because hopefully you will find something you're interested within this group of books and that's all for today I don't think I have any spoilers that have just been announced that I'm really excited about cuz I just did a three thriller video like a couple weeks ago Vickey star watching let me know which of these books you think you might pick up and I'll see you next time bye


  1. I suppose it was happening but I would have liked to actually have known that it was. In the end, you pretty much had to believe it was going to happen. How could Eric even change the fate though after the last one had gone? Did I miss something?

  2. We loved Cabin at the End of the World. We'll have to give the other two a read! Check out our podcast on Cabin over on our channel if you fancy!


  4. I was already considering All These Beautiful Strangers, but you've sold me on it with the Gossip Girl/PLL mashup idea. Ordering tonight!

  5. My local bookstore has an ARC reader program where you can essentially check out ARCs like library books and provide reviews for the publisher through the store. I decided to grab All These Beautiful Strangers on a whim (mostly because the author got her MFA at my alma mater) and I wasn't sure if I would end up liking it. If you, the Queen of Mystery/Thrillers, liked it, then I definitely feel a lot better about it. I'm super excited now!

  6. Hearing you speak about your two favourite genres – you MUST read Behind Her Eyes soon, you will adore it!

  7. on the weird books you like.. do you have a list or a video on those? since those sort of books are right up my alley

  8. A cabin at the end of the world sounds interesting.
    Have you read The Broken Girls, it’s a boarding school thriller!!

  9. Have cabin at the end of the world on hold at the library. So glad you liked it! Makes me want it even more!

  10. I loved Paul Tremblay’s Head Full of Ghosts can’t wait to read another one of his books! It sounds like this one is similar with the speculative element which I also love!

  11. You are one of the few booktubers that I trust 100%, and I put every book you recommend on my Goodreads TBR.

  12. I have the cabin at the end of the world. I was going to pick it up last night but decided on what remains of her by Eric rickstad. If you haven't read anything by him you might enjoy his work. Also, I've heard that the cabin at the end of the world is Paul Tremblay's best work. I've read two of his books and they were okay. I have hopes that I'll enjoy Cabin at the End of the World though. I read the first two pages of it last night and I could tell it was going to be an engaging read.

    I'm interested in the Robin Harding book. I've got her book The party (I think) and I want to read that before purchasing/reading her new one.

    I don't tend to read a lot of thrillers but I love watching your channel to hear about thrillers as I've found out about some interesting ones. 🙂

  13. Her Pretty Face sounds really interesting! I recently read a book called the night the lights went out by Karen White and I loved it and felt that it was also similar in tone to big little lies, and I feel like even if you don’t end up being surprised by the reveals (I was surprised by some and not by others) it is worth the read for the sheer expanse of the novel – it has flashbacks from 50 years before, and the depiction of lasting and unshakable female friendships.

  14. I need to read all of these!!! Especially the cabin one! But when are you doing another buzzword challenge?! ✨🖤✨

  15. Have you read any Jennifer McMahon? She writes thrillers with speculative twists. Some of her books are great, some of my favorites ever, and some of them are not so great. But I would check her out, all of her books are like that.

  16. These sound amazing!😍 Her Pretty Face sounds most appealing to me but I hope I end up reading all 3.

    The way you described The Cabin at the End of the World, feeling like multiple genres reminded me of the Burn for Burn trilogy. I really enjoyed to trilogy and it’s one of my new favorites. Idk if you’ve read it but it’s ya contemporary, and the way I described it in my June Wrap Up is almost like a 90s movie of girls from different cliques getting revenge on 3 different people. And then there ends up being suspense/mystery/little bit paranormal. It was so good. But I will say that it takes all 3 books to finally figure out what is going on. It was a slow burn, but I enjoyed it.

  17. The Cabin at the End of the World was one of my favourite books of the year! I couldn’t put it down. I found it more horror than thriller. It was SO VIOLENT!!!

    Glad to hear Her Pretty Fear was good!! I have it on my shelves right now 💕

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