Minecraft 1.14 Easy Mending Books Tutorial

the village and pillage update is here and with it I have resurrected my minecraft myth-busting series and it just so happens that episode 114 was 14 myths about 1.14 and the video length was 14 minutes and 14 seconds yep I just had to do that but jokes aside in that episode we experimented with changing a villagers traits and I realized what we could do with this and many of you did too easy mending books that's right wasn't moving supposed to make these villages harder to exploit it doesn't seem to be so but anyway in this video I will show you a way to do this in survival minecraft so before we get into it subscribe to the channel if you're not so already and you want to catch more content like this and while you're down there leave a like to support the channel many thanks so here we are in a Minecraft village a place where we can find villages and one of these fellas and unemployed villager is probably what you're looking for if I place down the lectern nearby you can see that pretty quickly it turns into a librarian and then back again and this allows us to simply open the trade each time and goodness me we've got mending straightaway well isn't that just perfect there are actually some flaws to doing this though so if you have good fortune we've turning a villager into a librarian being able to refresh its trades I say go right ahead and do that but you may also run into some fussiness so if I place this down this villager might get the librarian status it might not because there are other villages in the area competing for it so it's not always that straightforward what we need to do is isolate a villager from the village the way that we can achieve such a thing is by getting a villager into a boat if we place down the boat nearby we will then be able to transport the villager somewhere else obviously you can use mine carts and rails and the never when they fix a bug with villagers not being able to go through nether portals but this is pretty much the easiest way to get them far away from the village and note that the village is right next to an ocean I'd highly recommend finding one that's next to a river or an ocean so you can easily get away with your villager okay the village is now going out of in the distance and that's as far as you really need to go that village is now unloading so nothing over there can interfere with our villager and of course you don't want to go to an area where there is another village so now that the villager has nothing else in the area we can place down a lectern block and it will pick up the profession and then it will go away as soon as we break the block so that is a lot faster which allows you to quickly cycle through and check over and over again and then you've got to do the grind of just continuously doing this until you get the mending book or the trait that you're looking for well it takes a little bit of time sometimes a long time and we finally got it like a mending villager right here and that is a very easy way of doing this there is a downside to this notice how this villager doesn't have a block here yet it won't change its profession that is based on the time of day one of the things that they are able to do is pick up a profession at any time of day as it will do right there but they won't be able to get rid of it until a certain time of day so this is where it is in the sky so if the Sun is below there you're going to have trouble getting the ability to lose its profession and the time is 2,000 that works at the other end of the day as well so at this time right here we're fine to remove and replace but as soon as we go a little bit further into the day it won't be able to lose its profession and you can see the Sun is quite a bit higher in the sky so if it's down in this region you won't be able to exploit this and that time is 9,000 one last thing to mention if you bring two villages with you instead of one you can of course breed them you'll need to make sure that you have a bed for each of the villages and a bed for the new baby then give them some food and they'll start doing their thing and now we've got the love hearts and now we got the baby one day you're gonna grow up into an adult and we're gonna exploit you for mending books and on that note I think we can wrap up the video I've told you all the key info you need to know about doing this exploit and it might get patched in the future that might be a thing but this is the end of the video so if you enjoyed it then leave a like thanks for watching and I'll see you soon bye bye

21 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.14 Easy Mending Books Tutorial

  1. Khon2: Breaking news! A man has been seen kidnapping a villager! prize money is $10000.

    Me: "Snitches on Xisuma."

  2. You can get 1 mending book for 10 hrs afk fishing. I like this better than villagers only because you get not only the mending book but you level up 20 levels fishing or more and on top of that doing this also repairs all your armor with mending. To me it’s better than trying to find a villager spend 10 hrs. only finding enough emeralds to get only the mending. So fishing AFK in my opinion is way better. Not to mention you get to make perfect bows and perfect fishing rods and unlimited food in the fish. Plus every other plus you get from fishing like saddles. So in my opinion it’s better than the villager way. 😊😊. And you can do all this while working or sleeping.y

  3. I've ran into a bug where when I break the lectern the villager doesn't lose its profession, instead it just opens the trading tab and immediately closes it. Sometimes I can still access it but not always.

  4. Once you get your librarians to level 2, can you still refresh his inventory by destroying the lecture?

  5. For some reason this doesn't work on the Nintendo Switch. I was left to beat the ender dragon with low tier diamond armor because of this. Thanks Mojang/Microsoft/Nintendo or whatever.

  6. Yeah hi I’ve done this before with a cured zombie villager and I have done it again except this time the villager won’t pick up the profession. It does not offer any other trades and there are no villages in render. Can someone please help me? (I checked and the time is fine) my version is 1.14.2

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