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Hello Booklovers Today’s episode of Beautiful Books is an
update to both my Alice in Wonderland collection and an earlier episode I made on the wonderful
interactive children’s classics series that is being produced by MinaLima, the creative
duo behind most of the fabulous Harry Potter graphic design materials. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is the
2019 addition to this series, and it combines both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as
well as the sequel Through the Looking Glass. The illustrations for Alice, our inquisitive
heroine who falls through a rabbit hole and into the whimsical world of Wonderland, recast
her as a brightly dressed red-head. The white rabbit is quite sweet rather than
frantic, while the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts look suitably eccentric and demented. Of course one of the main distinguishing features
of this series is the interactive elements each volume includes. This volume includes Alice with extendable
arms and legs after she encounters the Eat Me cake and Drink Me potion, a version of
the rabbit’s house that opens up to reveal a giant Alice, a delightful Cheshire cat with
a pull tab so you can make the cat disappear leaving only its grin behind, decorative letters
and poetry that cleverly play with typography, a foldout board to play looking glass chess,
and various other movable characters from the book. As usual for all the volumes in this series,
the book is sewn bound and surprisingly robust although I wouldn’t give it to small children
as the movable parts must be treated with respect. The movable mechanisms also come with protective
sheets which you can keep in the book if you want to protect them, although I typically
take mine out as it makes them easier to read. The one caveat for this that I’d mention
is was the volvelle or the twisting Humpty Dumpty was very stiff in my copy and it arrived
new with the covering flap detached. Fortunately, it was easy to fix with a spot
of glue, but it may be worth double checking the mechanisms if you are purchasing in a
shop. Overall, it’s another gorgeous addition
to the series. If you’d like to check out the other books
in the MinaLima collection, I’ll add a link below to my review, as well as to my Alice
in Wonderland bookshelf tour if you’re an Alice aficionado. As always, thanks so much for watching, I’d
love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and do subscribe if you’d like to see more
beautiful books. ‘Til next time, bye!

4 thoughts on “MinaLima’s Delightful Interactive Alice in Wonderland | Beautiful Books

  1. Ah, another lovely addition to this series. I think it's fun that they've changed up Alice's look to give her a nice update from the blonde hair and blue frock that we see so often. I also love the floral papers that back the interactive pieces and just the overall colourfulness of the book. We shall see if Santa Claus is good to me this year. Ho Ho Ho!!!

  2. This is already on my shelf, and I accidentally have an Alice collection! I didn't mean to, it just happened! will have 5 copies soon, the most of any one book in my collection! (barnes & noble leatherbound classics, MinaLima, camille rose garcia, folio, and classics re-imagined)

  3. I got a bonus from work sooo hello to grabbing some of these, all the season editions- winter classics, and the folio society's game of thrones which all I have discovered thanks to you.❤

  4. I love interactive books. I remember owning one when 10 years old called Jack the Giant Killer and the beanstalk went up and up. Used to love reading it for hours on end….the good old days 😔

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