Milestone Songs of Raja Mehdi Ali Khan… Lyricist.

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  1. Raja ji died in the year 1966 and not in 1996. But I always doubt about his birth year 1928. Manto, who was born in 1912, has written on Raja so much in his articles on Hindi films (Mayabazar) as a friend. Moreover, it is awful to consider that Raja wrote songs of super hit film like 'Do Bhai' at the age of 18. (On the other hand, I agree, that it was not impossible that times. See for instance Mukesh's example.)

  2. The introduction says it all. He was unique. Another great lyricist was Jaan Nisar Akhtar. I wish somebody compiles his songs too

  3. A very B I G thanks to you. I am 82, and the pleasure you give is great. I wish you happiness health and peace. In these times of turmoil and falling values good music is a solace for the soul. God bless MIRZA SAHIB.

    Narasimha Rao Mandumula,Hyderabad. India.

  4. If memory serves me well Raja Mehdi Ali Khan was Editor or Editor-in-Chief of the an Indian Urdu literary magazine called "Biswin Sadi" (20th Century).

  5. He is 1 of the most revered poets/lyricists of the sub-continent, a big name in Urdu literature n poetry . His lyrics r precious gems adorning each of the movie he wrote for.

  6. A very fine upload by Mirzaji but you ignored the comedy side perfection of the lyricist Raja Mehdi Ali khan.The comedy songs penned by him he outstripped every song writer.And till today no writer could come even near to him in this side,for example 1-Hum thumara dil ke bungle mein film maghroor 1950, Mere dil ki murghi chillayee film Chandni Chowk 1954 Ek do teen char paanch che film Nishane Danka 1954,film Actress 1948.Shrimatiji 1952, and thousands more

  7. Most unsung lyrict of hindustani music. His song Aap Ki nazron ne samjha and Tere paas aa ke mera waqt guzar jaata hai are two extremes of the spectrum but ultimate in love

  8. The pair of Raja Mehdi Ali Khan & Madan Mohan was lajawab. We missed these two versatile artists very early as unfortunately both of them died in their early age.

  9. If I am not wrong, Raja Mehdi Ali Khan died in the 60s. There are no songs of Raja Mehdi Ali Khan and Madan Mohan after 60s. He definitely never lived till 1996. It could be 1966.

  10. one time great lyricist shared with great  Madanmohan particularly, Thanks for nice informative narration and good songs selection

  11. Great lyricist.Very good write up also about him.He wrote the lyrics in my brothers movie Dulhan Ek Raat Ki.It was based on Tess…of Thomas Hardy with some great music of MM.

  12. A Raja who lived on his own terms, and the one who introduced the word "aap" in Hindi film songs (glad he did for the word signifies respect and sophistication)  — quite an interesting write-up about Raja Mehdi Ali Khan. As usual, you have covered the entire spectrum of the artiste's work for Hindi films, Mirzaji. Besides his excellent command on Urdu, some songs here showcase that he also had a good command over Hindi (for instance, the enthralling "aaj mile man ke meet"). Thank you for this tribute, Mirzaji, another fine presentation.

  13. This compilation of melodious songs with meaningful lyrics of RMAK by painstaking Mr Mirza is in itself a rich tribute to Rajasaheb's contribution to the Indian film industry. It transports us back to the golden era when melodious and meaningful
    songs ruled vis-a-vis the present day music mayhem.  Thank you Mr Mirza as always. 

  14.  Love the biographical sketch of this popular lyricist and of course the song snippets showcasing his versatility. In my high  school  years I would  occasionally read the Urdu magazine Biswin Sadi which the sketch mentions, though to my regret I haven't retained any memory of RMAK's poems and stories. Good to be reminded of that magazine, anyway. Thanks, Mirzaji.

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