Mile High Musts: Tattered Cover bookstore

History… mystery… romance and art. You’ll be amazed at what you can find
inside these walls and in between the pages of more than
125,000 titles at one of the largest independent bookstores in the nation. There’s something so comforting in
getting lost in a good book… but when you combine that with the cozy
vibes and peaceful atmosphere that is the Tattered Cover, I think
you’ve got a love story in the making. “Tattered Cover was founded in 1971
with a 950-square-foot store in the…” “Cherry Creek North section of Denver.” “It grew over the next decade or so
until it became this very iconic…” “Tattered Cover, the four-story Tattered
Cover in Cherry Creek…” “and was there for many years.” “We opened downtown in the early 1990s.” “We opened in the suburbs in 2004, and
then we lost the lease in Cherry Creek…” “and moved to this location in 2006.” This is the location on Colfax Avenue,
home to cozy reading nooks… a little cafe and thousands of books,
games, journals and puzzles. “We’re kind of, really an experience,
where we think of a place…” “for date night, for a family night out.” “People really come here for the
experience.” Stay for a bit or hunker down —
this Colorado gem is meant for you to be immersed, entertained and engaged. “It’s an environment that feeds the mind
and the soul at the same time.” Tattered Cover is also heavily involved in
our community and has been for decades. “We have kids’ story times.
We have more than 500 events a year…” “across our four stores, from a debut
novelist to Bruce Springsteen…” “and everything in between.” “We are one of the places people do come
to visit in Denver.” “We’re a stop on a lot of…tour guides
will tell you to stop at Tattered Cover…” “because not every community has
a resource like this.” And it’s a resource that has stood
the test of time. “E-books, while they’re a big part of the
industry, they’ve stopped growing…” “and really, print has held its own
that whole time.” See for yourself, keep reading
and keep learning. “Tattered Cover is a Mile High Must visit
because not every community…” “has something like this; it is unique
not just in Denver, but unique…” “in many parts of the country, that you
come in here and see nearly 20,000…” “square feet of books and gifts and
culture and engagement and fun…” “whether you’re a 2-year-old kid looking
at the wonder of all the bookshelves…” “or you’re a grandparent and you just want
to sit down and read for a bit…” “or everyone in between…
there’s something for you here.” For more Mile High Musts, download our
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