hey guys it's Lindsay and welcome back to their video my channel today we're doing one of my very favorite videos to do of all time every single year and that is the mid-year book out book out freak out tag whoa mid-year book freak I still can't say it make your book freak out tag got that so just getting straight into it the first question best book I've read in 2019 why the heck did they have to start with this question this was such a hard book to come up with because I had like four books that were five-star that I was like okay which one and I don't I don't like that I picked the one I did I'm just gonna go ahead and say it I picked dark places by Gillian Flynn it's just that it's so hard to recommend to other people it's so dark it's so gritty it's so nasty like I don't want to recommend this to you guys even though like when I step back and I think about it as objectively as I can with the character development in the plot like I was enthralled I was rooting for these nasty gross characters that I just I love so much I was always on the edge of my toes I never knew what turn the mystery was gonna take the dual and multi point of views like it just added so much depth to all the characters and the stories and it was just shocking and it elected so much emotion out of me like there's so few books that make me excited and disgusted and horrified and strangely happy yet in a way all at the same time for me I think that's really really rare so even though I'm not thrilled like I feel like structure wise this is this is the best book that I've read all year do with that what you will number two the best sequel you've read so far in 2019 hands-down easiest question words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson I finished this the night before last oh my gosh this might be my new Brandon Sanderson faith before this I think it was hero of Ages which is the last book in the Mistborn trilogy but this was so good I have been craving a really immersive well built and like engaging adult fantasy book for a very long time and this is the fifth one that I've read this year and finally with the fifth one I found it I just love the series it expands on the world but more importantly it like expands on the characters and they have so much more depth and I'm so happy about it number three a new release you haven't read but want to I actually have two for this the first one is the devouring gray by Christine Lynn Herman this came out in April and it's about a bunch of teenagers from this who are descendants of founding fathers of this town there's something creepy and magical in the woods and they have to all ban their magical sniffs together to solve the issue excited also the mystery of black Halloween by Julian note or Julia Julia Noble this is about a girl who finds secrets about her dead father and goes to his school and finds more secrets about like conspiracy and secret organizations and a cult anything middle grade and I'm down for it also gorgeous cover number for the most anticipated release of the second half of the year I actually like there's not that many books coming out this year that I'm still excited about I feel like I've read a lot of the ones that were on my most anticipated list and now I'm just kind of like mad but there is one left and that is Ruth where's the turn of the key this is I believe gonna be her fifth novel I really really enjoy Ruth wares writing style it is so incredibly atmospheric and voic– her latest book the death of mrs. West away was her best work so far I think it had the most engaging mystery and just a step up from her other three so I am so excited to see what she does in this next one this is about a nanny who is arrested for the murder of the kids that she nannies for but their secrets and the parents are weird and the kids are like creepy so like I'm down number five the biggest disappointment this one really hurt my feelings and that is the Priory of the orange tree I was super pumped for this the moment I learned about it because it's about dragons and it's a female center fantasy but boy was it dull to me none of the characters were really well developed which really impeded like my enjoyment of it but at the same time there was just nothing really that happened yeah I remember reading I was like 300 pages in and I was like oh is this the inciting incident finally oh gosh but it was supposed to be about dragons and I love dragons there was like a female theme on romance but it was like really lackluster and I just found it to be like a recycled story that I had read a hundred times before just like with females as the main character I've read the same tropes a million times it's still gonna be the same trope even if it's now females instead of males doing it and I'm just like I want something new number six the biggest surprise this for me was sleeping giants by Sylvain Ubel I've talked about this quite a bit but it's like a sci-fi about a little girl who finds a humongous metal hand in the middle of the woods and then a couple weeks after she finds that other huge body parts start like rising out of like the ocean and land all over the world and people don't know if it's like a god or aliens or some kind of supernatural thing and basically the whole world is like in chaos and trying to solve this mystery of what's going on I'm not a big sci-fi person so I was really hesitant to go into this but a reviewer who I really love and trust said she loved it even though she didn't like sci-fi that much so I went into it and I was really surprised I gave this 5 out of 5 stars it was huge in like an unexplainable way that sci-fi usually is but it really grounded it down with having these really raw characters that I really enjoyed so shocking number 7 fav new to you author this can be a debut or just someone you haven't read before and that for me is Gillian McMillan I read her I know you know she writes thrillers it was one of the best most engaging and fun thrillers that I have read in a long time and I feel like I will read now whatever she comes out with and actually her next book I think that comes out next year is about like a nanny that disappears I don't know what it is with this new Navy trope but like I'm down for it number eight your newest fictional crush I don't really do fictional crushes they're not really my thing they like to keep myself out of it and just imagine it happening to see like when you have a crush you have to like imagine yourself with them and I don't I don't break that barrier so I don't really do crushes but I guess like there was a character who was in the real world I said kitsch I from the poppy war he's like this like really smart nerdy guy but he's also really sweet and one of the only people that doesn't make fun or main character rn4 like her station or her dark skin or things like that which now that I'm saying it I'm like okay you did the absolute bare minimum like yay for not being racist number 9 newest favorite character 5-3 that I want to talk about the first one is Billy from these Jones and the six I think he is so fascinating like his arc and his development is just perfection he's so real and he's really really flawed and he deals with things like addiction and the possibility of being in love with a woman who he's not married to the whole book but I love the the strength of his commitment to his wife I feel like a lot of times in literature you know we obviously romanticized like passionate love but in this book with Billy's perspective it was like their commitments to each other and they're like companionate friendship love between him and his wife was like the focal point if I'm not really refreshing because we don't focus on that in books it's always like Oh insta lover oh so passionate end of the world love but this is like no like rounded real everyday like I love my wife I made a commitment to her no matter what happens like we're together and I just I love that the next one is a funny one so it's Joan or June I don't know which one it is from the puppy wars the problem with the poppy Wars is there are two teachers that are both described looking the same and the names are Jung in June and I cannot tell them apart for the life of me ever it drives me crazy also because I listen to the audiobook and didn't read maybe if I read it and I had like seeing the different spelling it would have helped but like I was struggling the whole book Jung Joon whoever he is is this like Dumbledore ask teacher that teaches lor and this like fancy military academy and no one really takes him serious because he teaches like mythology but the my favorite thing about him is is he's like secretly incredibly powerful but he walks around like making farting noises all day just to annoy all the other teachers and I was like yep your fave my third fave that to talk about is Kalinin from these Stormlight archives i really really loved him in book 1 but just the depth that we get in book 2 with Caledon really brought him to the next level i love that he is this hero you know he's got like the Aragorn Harry Potter Jon Snow vibe where he's always gonna save the day but at the same time he is feels really flawed to me like he's kind of prejudice in a way which i think is good for his character because it makes sense with everything that he's gone through don't see a lot of characters that have like a flaw of like hating an entire group of people and obviously like as his story progresses I'm sure he's gonna like change his mind and things like that but I really love that about him I think it makes a lot of sense for the world and his character in the situation's that he has been put in because of these high tide people that have oppressed the dark eyed people for so long number 10 a book that made you cry I think the one that probably got me the best was Mirage there was this scene where this isn't spoilery but the main character is kidnapped to be a body double for this conquering nations queen or princess but the only thing is she has these like cultural tattoos on her face and the tattoos symbolize like her identity her family her history her ancestry like her everything that she's gonna do in life like vocationally scale-wise like it's just a huge huge part of her culture and to be the body double they had to like burn away her entire cultural identity and to me that just struck such a deep chord with me because it was such a symbolic representation of what we do when we imperialize other cultures and kind of like take over and erase everything that they were and it just oh oh gosh it was and it was described so well like it was just so emotionally written that I just I shed a tear number 11 book that made you happy and the happiest I was with a book this year was my Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone read-through I don't think any book will ever make me as happy as Harry Potter and I love my read-through I'm in the middle of one right now and just the first baby book to me is so nostalgic and watching the movie made me so happy oh I read a lot of death and a lot of destruction and so reading like a light happy middle grade is just where it's at for me sometimes number 12 the most beautiful book you have received this year for me I think that's gonna be my current read right now and that is the storm keepers island by Katherine Doyle I just love this cover it's so foil it's gorgeous I'll show you the back cover it's so pretty and it's like really atmospheric it's like this lazy hidden away irish rainy island and i just I love everything about the vibes in the atmosphere and I think the cover does a really great job of showing that off the last question what book do you need to read it by the end of the year well don't you just know I just did a whole video on all of the books that I need to read by the end of the year I will go ahead and link that up above for you guys and I want everyone to be able to do this tag if they want to so make sure you let me know in the comments if you've done it yourself but I'm going to go ahead and tag my CP and friend Jessica fro Berg Jess I want to hear your question or your answers to these questions because I know you've read a lot of good books but anyways you guys thank you so much for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe and I will see you in the next one bye

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  2. I’m game but it won’t be until September bc I have some major reading to do! 😬😳

  3. you tagged me bawls Also I can't believe you didn't talk about queen of nothing's release this fall. It's okay, I will. hahahah

  4. Ah Dark Places was soo good!!! I also really need to finally pick up a Brandon Sanderson book! I have no idea how I’ve gone this long without reading one, but I guess that needs to be one of my next purchases

  5. Hey..!!! Words are hard don’t trip..!! I need to pick up Dark places now thanks for that..!! I’m reading my first Brandon Sanderson book right now… I’m reading way of kings because my husband loves these books so much he has read the stromlight archives 3 times already.. stop spending my money..

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