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it's Mickey Avalon just kidding it's Jeremy and Minh and it's mail call mail call what's in the pack is watch who could be in the package we have two packages today and I know exactly what's in it so let's see what is in it I know what it is it's mail call mail call let's see look at it's got a nice little easiness look at easiness easiness look at that easy open job okay look at come on Showtime y'all first oh look at look at the the seller even wrapped it up so that it's like a gift look what is that Kottonmouth Kings Mile High the reason why I got it is on the back honey dip featuring Mickey Avalon just like the one that's on the shirt that's actually signed – although it's wearing off right there oh well so reason why we got Kottonmouth Kings is because there's a song little beautiful CD all right very good there's a oh look at I love it when they freaking throat artwork like behind something and then look at you can't even see it because you know it's like freaking oh wait does it slide out nope if you want to see what it is you have to rip it up I'm not doing that so I have this CD because it has one song with Mickey Avalon so that's why I need it now let's check out the next one is the next one I am more excited about I know what it is look at this little screwball little nut job look at this little nut job oh we got no I'm not maybe okay so now let's cut it cut it out Dave Coulier Alanis Morrissette yeah if you didn't know well she go down on you in Oh looking at the paper one but Oh don't stroke yeah oh look at that now this is from I think like we're the Millers soundtrack which I can't find anywhere so I will take it on an actual CD like this and you know people look good you can't believe you still buy CDs you know what I can't wait I hope I hope the world freken has something happen where Facebook and Instagram and everything you can't freaking do it I hope you can't access Netflix or Hulu and I hope you can't net or access all your freaking music either because guess what I will have hard copies and see Mickey Avalon my mickey Avalon starts off with the first one self-titled then the second one loaded this one I can't believe that I was able to find Mickey Avalon I get even it's got I got I get even rodeo pretty woman oh baby and Hollywood that's a grand one now he has a couple others like teardrops on my tombstone that's not a physical copy you could only get it listen and download onto your computer he's got a couple with Dirt Nasty Simon racks that are only downloadable married to the game like when boom married to the game when I went and saw them there we go also when I went and saw my got a say Mickey Avalon freaking look at that nice dude got lots of pictures with them and everything and this just helped adds now we add the stroke me to it and the cottonmouth King and now that's my Mickey Avalon collection whoo mail call with Mickey Avalon Mickey Evelyn Jeremy Youngman and you all better remember I'm a champion my underwear says so

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