Metro Poetry Takeover: Ellen Moran from Apples and Snakes

if she had a root especial and a bed or an ear are those in despair and then the council announced their plans for demolition and around our left of their own volition to other shanty towns and prefabs up and been well with Peggy wouldn't move and neither would her personal hotel but Peggy who wants a long Rumble it's not easy because in trouble you're his cover and break me plastic paper walls they won't withstand the next war I've lived here army knife and I'll not leave unless the givers something more so she told the council that she would not move hence home couple days later my friend dad's got the tally on ya gene will pay some more and there she was refused in the move somewhere between a businesswoman and an activist assault protagonist the council's keep on traveling I wonder what repaired or outward the bold and proud for the social cleansing I wonder if she could funny Punk we're heading the evil but see what's contained in peasants fifty years later and it feels like that's changed people sleeping on the streets while student website empty Tori housing policy still the rings and those sky buildings that the built back then and Peggy's backyard well now they can't prove it in polyethylene an end of child filled with the bodies of the vulnerable and the unaccounted for the people the press simultaneously right now this event in discrimination we cannot continue to allow that least Peggy means stabs and you know what's the move to a Jasmine and an opponent our Ron Peggy if you can hear me our priorities are so different I'm more concerned with and an eviction to a universal credit but the shear modulus of your gentle protesters filled my cart inside my chest forever Geordie glasses say best our Newcastle City Council

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