Metallica The Unforgiven Lyrics

32 thoughts on “Metallica The Unforgiven Lyrics

  1. This is the type of song that you play before you go into war. R.I.P to all the veterans that lost their lives in the combat zone.

  2. >> This song could be about a modern day SJW male, but it could be about so many men who've suffered. Sad but true.

  3. Amen to this song. Iv ben down that road so many times it reay hurts. Wish everyone did forgive me. I'm so sorry for everything I did. I just want my faimly back. 😭😭😭

  4. My holy trinity of the christhead has done the unforgiven like my one and only baby mama for the lies pavlov and manipulation. Even though we always used a condom everytime, she wanted me not to use a condom. And its adonai yeshua Melkizadek and mirriams fault with the setup from lecrae and lillian mackenzie after emily brittayo. They wouldnt let me just be so they can make me the judas scapegoat leper.

  5. Many see and feel this song in relation to family. Dying 3 times and growing as well as falling is the unforgiven self message here.

  6. the list of Metallica hits i like: the unforgiven master of puppets for whom the bell tolls enter sandman sad but true

  7. What an irony…

    That it's so painful to be able to relate to this beautiful cathartic piece of art.

  8. I think of my Dads father, my father, and my brother when I hear this. I love you men! RIP grandpa, and Daddy.. Love to my brother hold your head high it was an accident remember that. You don't have to beat yourself up you were a child let God love you and mostly love yourself. Pls forgive yourself and let your pain go!!!

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