Melanie Martinez – Mad Hatter Lyrics

46 thoughts on “Melanie Martinez – Mad Hatter Lyrics

  1. Every one of are complaining and diagnosising people who don't need I'm just over here enjoying this fantastic song

  2. Just stop complaining about the self diagnosing comments let them think whatever they want and ignore the comments your complaining is getting annoying.

  3. People are pretending that they are insane, really. I have austim and its not funny to pretend that you have it too

  4. Lord if everyone that commented that they were crazy were actually crazy we would have alot of problems

  5. All the comments;I'm a psycho
    Me:I'm not a psycho but I act like one when I'm mad
    Edgy teens:then u a psycho
    Me:I'm not ;-;

  6. Edgy kids?: I’m insane

    Me: have you killed? Have you seen things? Have you saw him ? Tell meh how u went insane??!?!?? Kshdiebsodbudhd (I’m crazy yes I’m edgy 😂)

  7. this comment section makes me feel bad for all the people who are really diagnosed. like all he self diagnosing kids are cringy because if you were really a psychopath you wouldn't tell others because you want to seem like you fit right in so yeah. thank you and STOP

  8. Bro I legit just ranted about how edgy the people in the comments are to an imaginary friend. Doesn't get more edgy than that so I win losers.


  10. I like how everyone is complaining about all the edgy comments yet those exact types of comments are literally no where in sight.

  11. People think mental disorders are cool?!?!

    Lemme just say I'm diagnosed with depression and it's not cool or fucking edgy I'm failing school because I just gave up and I'm constantly tired

    I understand that being edgy seems cool but it's really not as cool as it sounds

  12. This comment section does not know what a joke is. Everyone has called themselves or someone else crazy at least once in their lives. get over yourselves and just enjoy the damn song geez.

  13. This song SOUNDS pretty dope in terms of melody and production, but the lyrics are really fucked up. Melanie Martinez' shtick is really gross. She's glorifying mental illness, and it's even grosser because she doesn't suffer from mental illness herself. Nah.

  14. Person: which song describes you?
    Me: *doesn’t choose this song because I’m not a fucking special snowflake psychopath who peels the skin off their fucking face*

    I love this song okay, but like all y’all “edgy” 12 year olds need to stop saying y’all are fucking insane when you damn well know for a fact y’all are still scared of spiders💀

  15. just👏 because 👏you👏are👏edgy👏does👏not👏mean👏you're👏able👏to👏claim👏you👏have👏mental👏disorders👏thank👏you👏try👏again.👏

  16. I'm not like other girls…. I stubbed toe and I'm out of tacos then I'll complain about not having tacos then not eat them when I actually get another taco…. Oh wait that's a lot of people. Hm well hi

  17. This song legit reminds me of pennywise getting the red balloons to make a blood bath of bloody ballooons fuck the movie it

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