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"Moon Oh moon, Who stole the
sleep of yours and mine?" "Whole night both our eyes remain open." "Whole night both our eyes remain open." I know one thing. Lord Krishna killed Kamsan. Not that Kishan. – Then?
– It is that Kishan. – Him? I don't know. But on table all of them
were taking your name. He is that artist who when he
comes on screen even the.. .. saddest heart will become happy. People will hold their stomach and laugh. One such comedian of Indian cinema who… …made everyone laugh when wanted. When wanted he made them cry. We are talking about
producer, director and… actor Mehmood Ali Khan. Born on 29th September 1932. "I wish the Muslims and Greet the Hindus." "I'm one barber. Dear, I'm one barber." Mehmood sir's parents were
themselves actors and dancers. They were commonly seen
in Mumbai stage shows. With that in some films also. Mehmood sir had an elder.. .. sister and 6 younger brothers and sisters. His sister Minu Mumtaz was a very talented… ..dancer and character artist. This story is famous that Mehmood.. ..sir used to often do pranks. Due to one such prank he got… Bombay Talkies movie Kismat. In which he worked as child artist. What happened was Ashok
Kumar alias Dadamuni, who.. ..was the hero of Kismat was
in search of a child artist. Who could play his young age role. At that time near the studio
he saw a naughty child. That was no one else other than Mehmood sir. Dadamuni saw him and finalized him. That way his career started. "What is there if I'm dark,
I'm a man of heart." "I'm yours, yours…Your lover." "What is there if I'm dark,
I'm a man of heart." Mehmood sir did all kinds of small works. With which he could run a living. He used to work as driver. He used to sell eggs and poultry items. He used to teach tragedy queen… …Meena Kumari Table Tennis. This way some how he used to run a living. "Today I met a girl.
Seeing whom my heart got excited." "Her face is like flower.
She is like a piece of moon." Meena Kumari tried to help him. She told a big producer and director BR Chopra to give role to Mehmood. When Mehmood sir came to know about it… …he refused the role and came out of it. He didn't want to hurt his
self dignity in any way. After that with famous and
hit producer and director.. ..Guru Dutt hid pairing worked very well. In Guru Dutt sir's film Pyaasa he… was seen doing a small role. Eat. – Mother, has your Kalidas come? Everyone starts to do poetry.
– Where else can he go? Where else can he go and have food for free? You eat my son. – Did you see brother? It is we both who earn. But mother is feeding that favourite of hers. I appreciate the eater's shamelessness. A man of dignity would have… …walked the roads instead
of eating from this house. By acting in small roles Mehmood sir… …got connected with big producers. It may be film "CID",
"Do Bigha Zameen" or "Pyaasa". As director and actor he got a big break… …in film "Bhoot Bungla". It was Tanuja who worked with him in this. Music was by R.D. Burman. "Come. Uhm! Come on. Come on.
No. Not now. Not now." "Come. Uhm! Come on. Come on.
No. Not now. Not now." "In your no there is the happiness of yes." "Whole life is there. What is the hurry?" "If not now, some other time." Slowly Mehmood sir's comedy became famous. Due to which in many movies Mehmood sir's.. ..presence was essential. After legendry comedian
Johnny Walker, Mehmood's.. .. was one such name which
covered the silver screen. Mehmood sir made everyone laugh a lot. But he made one film which
filled the eyes of the people. The movie was "Kunwara Baap". In which a rickshaw guy brings
up a polio affected child. Did you like? No. Really you didn't like?
I'll tell poetry. Shall I? Not that also.
What shall I do? What shall I do? Mehmood sir was one such actor
who got excellent songs. For him play back was given by… …Mohmmad Rafi and Manna Dey. "Uncle! Oh Uncle! Oh Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!" "Oh Yahoo! Oh Yahoo! Oh Yahoo!" "Uncle! Oh Uncle! Oh Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!" "The family people will be confused." "Our act is like that. You don't fall for.. …this confusion. Dear Uncle!" "Your fair cheeks are wonderful." "Your silky hair is wonderful. This 16 year age is wonderful." "I'm in your wonderful thoughts." "I'm your, your. Your lover." "What is there if I'm dark,
I'm a man of heart." On knowing this matter you'll
be surprised that famous and.. .. hit music director RD
Burman got his first… ..break through Mehmood. The name of the movie was "Chote Nawab". Everyone in the film industry
used to call him as brother. "Go, go. Go crazy go. Go, go. Go crazy go." "Go, go. Go crazy go. Go, go. Go crazy go." "I made the consideration.
I sacrificed my heart." "Don't do unnecessary talks." "Go, go. Go crazy go. Go, go. Go crazy go." "Go, go. Go crazy go. Go, go. Go crazy go." For some years Amitabh Bachchan stayed.. …in Mehmood's house as tenant. Nearly for 11 months Bachchan
sir stayed in his house. Then on Mehmood's younger
brother Anwar Ali's saying.. ..Amitabh Bachchan was taken
as hero in "Bombay to Goa". In that the heroine was Aruna Irani. There was this gossip
also that Mehmood sir… …and Aruna Irani were in love. That was the reason why Aruna Irani was.. ..taken as heroine in "Bombay to Goa". But in his last days Mehmood was very.. ..angry with Amitabh Bachchan. The reason was when he had his
bypass surgery, in that.. ..same hospital Amitabh
Bachchan's father Hariwanshrai.. ..Bachchan was also going
through some treatment. Amitabh came to meet his father. But he never met Mehmood. Amit came with his father
there in Breech Candy. I had my bypass there.
He never came and wished me also. There was a time when
Mehmood worked as driver.. director PK Santhoshi's place. Then that time came when PK
Santhoshi's son Raj Kumar.. ..Santhoshi took him in
his film "Andaz Apna Apna". He gave a very unique role to play to him. Wah! Wah! Wah! What a face? What a look? You are a piece by yourself.
Come. – What is this? You must not get bad omen so I spit. Guruji, will I become a star?
– Will you become? You have become a star. Lights off. He was one such actor who was very emotional. A made very emotional films.
His pairing with IS Johar and.. ..Shobha Khote worked very well. In the film "Padosan" as South
Indian music teacher he.. .. worked so well that it is
still fresh in our memories. "Saint! Saint! What will happen in love?" "Saint! Saint! What will happen in love?" "Each day will be wonderful. Is it?" "Each night will be wonderful." Due to prolonged heart
problem on 23rd July 2004.. US Pennsylvania Mehmood
sir left this world. In the history of Indian
Cinema Mehmood sir's.. name will always be taken with pride. Gawri is mad. Gawri is mad.
I'll say you all have gone mad.. ..that is why you thought
me as a rich guy's son. Did any of you try to
find out this whether.. ..this is a truth or lie? No. Hearing that I'm rich you
all started roaming around me To serve me.
To be in my good books you fought. Till yesterday you used to insult me. Now all of you are trying to respect me. Yes, madam Jalebi.
You feed me everything. Seeing me you act shy. For bollywood's latest news and gossip log.. ..on to And

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