Megasix London 28 July including composer Toby Marlow

27 thoughts on “Megasix London 28 July including composer Toby Marlow

  1. For people are t sure what happened, everyone got really sick including the stand bys so that did a concert version of the whole show with little to no choreography

  2. Thank you for posting this so quick! The second I saw Genesis and Toby were in it tonight on Instagram I've been refreshing youtube looking for the megasix!

  3. This is like the second time this has happened !!! Even though I LOVE genesis and toby filling in, I think they should think of getting a couple more swings or even a understudy for each queen????

  4. They ran out of swings because Grace and Vicki are on vacation. Toby and genesis are awsome. I want to see lucy on stage too

  5. Where were Natalie, Lexi, Maiya, Grace and Vicki? 😂 Smashed it Genesis and Toby my queens 👑👑

  6. i was here too! very back of the balcony so my video is much lower quality though so thanks for uploading! ♥️

  7. i can’t express how i feel about genesis and toby performing at the same time but it’s something magical and i’m living for it

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