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I think it's really hard for people to
evaluate their own career and tell that best story and if you want to help take
that next level, investing in a professional resume writer really makes
sense. I have always been a writer for as long as I can remember. So I deal with a
lot of clients who are looking for new jobs looking, looking to position themselves for,
a lot of it's a discovery phase to help them walk through learning their
own skills a lot of people will come to you and say I have no idea what I'm good
at or what kind of job I should go after. It's not a skill that everyone has and
there's no point where we're taught how to write resumes. You graduate high
school you graduate college you're thrown into the into the job market. I've
applied all the skills in my career towards this job because it's not just
writing, it's customer service, it's marketing strategy, it's communicating
with different types of people, so a lot of the stuff I've learned over the years
of my career has applied to this job tremendously. Use the resume that we
developed with confidence knowing that an expert has developed it, that we have
gone through their background to pull out the high points and so as long as
the client has provided us with the core details in order to sell them, they can
really trust that I, as their resume writer, have provided them with a very
effective tool. These clients are either in a crossroads in their career or
they're unemployed and to be the calming voice and the resource for them making
such a huge life career change, it's a really a rewarding line of work.

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  1. The real writers for them get paid 20-50$ / resume, so think about the quality you're going to get for that. Take your hard-earned money elsewhere if you want someone to actually try to improve your resume.

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