Meet the authors of Too Bad You’re Going to Hell and hear about their upcoming events

I'm Terry Morano also known as Therese Mirada this is the author of my new book head to stone too bad you're going to hell we wanted to jump on here right away and just thank everyone for the support that they're giving us mind well looks we really do appreciate it and we have a little surprise at the end of the video so Heather do you have any questions that you would like to ask well for a few people that don't know Theresa already let's just explain a little bit how old were you when you first started communicating in spirit I was actually three years old and when they would come to me they weren't giving me messages they were playing with me on three years old that's all I know how to do I was never afraid of them so it was part of my normal life now that you've grown and you are doing more readings rather than just communicating with spirit I understand everyone does it their own way some people use tarot cards some people use ruins but you do it different than anyone else I've ever met oh can you explain that a little I used consoles so if you come to see me it's known as automatic right it's as old as dirt but it's not as automatic writing you come to see me you have to choose a pencil using a gut feeling out of a box that I keep on my table I need you to rub it too and the reason why you do to rub it my client is it allows you to concentrate on poor maybe around you or poor or you may want to speak to I can actually do the reading without the pencil but it's a great visual and it it consists of one of the primary senses and we're human and visualization is one of the strongest ones so it helps my client who may not have intensified their ability to be psychic because we all are psychic so actually see something happening in front of him or heart does that make sense to me it does so can you tell us a little bit about what makes your book different than books by other mediums well I actually have adjectives in the half chap that consists of Poland readings transcribed and the energy it touch to each individual reading actually has something to do with the full chapter duct and head of it so it kind of connects chapter one and a half actually connects to chapter one and what I was trying to say my example because it doesn't only pertain to me this happens to everyone who has a week so my experiences might be fell fights on a totally different way but we have some kind of commonality between the full chapter and then that time so what we're talking about is between every chapter about your life growing up with spirit is a full length start to finish reading performs to one of your clients by in my opinion the best medium in rural thank you for you to decide you to read through you to see all here in too bad you're going to hell available on Amazon click the link now you also started a new business can you tell us a little bit about I said I incorporated and the name of the business of soulful gatlings and the purpose for the incorporation we've one or I wanted to expand our services I still do private leads I have a psychic medium one of the best psychic beans that works for the company and as well she can start her readings but we're going to start doing trips and we're going to do trips to will have day trips will do ghost walks I'm looking to do overnight trips maybe it's a Lilydale more places like that and I do psychic fairs then I do paranormal events so I wanted to do that under the business do you have any events coming up soon I do as a matter of fact the next event I have a Sunday or the squadron's at the Doubletree Hotel in Tarrytown you are hosting a psychic affair the fourth annual saving affair gonna have weed who's there I'll have the astrologist they all have Reiki there I'll have a past life regression era I'll have vendor selling there and guess who's gonna be signing books at this fair whoo just try to guessed me a little surprised I was speaking about or oh you're in the video I'm sure they do a fake book what we're going to do is we're going to give you enough time to purchase the book whether it's in person or this photo on Amazon we're gonna go live on Facebook on August 24th 4:00 p.m. I believe that's a Saturday afternoon Saturday and when a session so if you want or you have to read the book write down your questions and won't have an answer

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