Meet the Author: Tim Marshall

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  1. Caspian report directed me here. I haven't read the book yet, but I will. I am just wondering what is Britain geopolitical reason for getting out of the UE, because I don't buy the reason that were thrown on the table. I see the 3 states from 1984 forming. Britain getting out of the UE, that will be swallowed by Russia, and getting close to US, Canada, Australia. I see Russia becoming an Eurasian State, and more than ever I see China dominating economically the South East of Asia. As always Africa will be up for grabs. Am I alone in thinking this?

  2. This is one bastard's lier . There is nothing but nothing to be believed from his lieing lips nothing . He is a Zionist mouth piece , a Palestinian hater !! And I hope if there's a god ! I truly hope he judges him harshly.. Scum in its purest from !!. truly … I,m watching his interview on sky of over 30 Palestinians who were just murdered by Israel and he says it's Thier on fault ..

  3. Sound lessons on the timeless importance of geography.  Your world view is incomplete if you aren't taking spatial relationships into your calculations.

  4. China is going to fall flat on her face, they don't know how to innovate and they build junk. not to mention the capital flight from China tells the story, follow the money Trail, it's like rats abandoning a sinking ship. and speaking of sinking ships that's what's going to happen to the Chinese Navy in the South China Sea.

  5. Just finished reading this book. Fantastic! Brings an interesting insight into the limitations of geography for some states. Read the book, you won't regret it! The chapter on the Arctic was fascinating and insightful.

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