Meet the Author: Shayla Black (THE WICKED LOVERS SERIES)

Hi. My name name is Shayla Black. I’m the author of
over 50 novels. I’ve been writing
romance professionally for about 20 years. I’m probably best known
for my Wicked Lovers Series through Penguin Random House. [MUSIC PLAYING] Research for me is one
of those things where I do a little bit before I start. I want to know what
I’m talking about. I’m actually researching
an idea right now. And I’ve watched a
few documentaries. And I’ve done some background
reading and things like that. But I don’t exactly
always know what details I need until I’m
actually writing a scene. And then I go in and I start– I’ll be typing in
mid-sentence, and I’ll stop and have to go
research something. And it’s like the two-hour bunny
trail you didn’t really expect. But I always try to keep the
research fresh in the moment once I have the
background stuff done. So it’s really pure as
I’m writing a sentence and I know exactly
what I just read and how it needs to
go into the scene. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve written some heroines over
the years that are really so much a reflection of me. And sometimes I write
heroines who have– like, I don’t even know
what planet you’re from. I mean, you’re cool. I don’t know that we
have anything in common. But then I’ve written some
that I feel are really such a reflection of me. And I would say from the
Wicked Lovers Series, I would most identify probably
with Kata, Callie, London, and Jolie. And I feel like all of
those heroines have some– there’s some part
of me in all of them that’s probably a predominant
note in their character. [MUSIC PLAYING] I actually had a
whole ‘nother career. So I’ve done technical
documentation. I’ve written sales training. I’ve run a few hundred
million dollars of inventory. I’ve– let’s see. I worked in purchasing. I have been
somebody’s secretary. Actually, the first
job I ever had was selling balloons
at an amusement park– yes– which is where I met my
husband wearing a clown suit. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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