Meet the Author: Sarah Rose (D-DAY GIRLS)

My name is Sarah Rose I am
the author of D-Day Girls– The Spies who Armed
the Resistance, Sabotaged the Nazis, and
Helped Win World War II. For my own vanity, the
most important thing they could take
away from my work is that the book is
such a page turner, they can’t get their butt out
of a chair until it’s done. Globally, we know what
happened in World War II. We know the lessons
are pretty terrible. And we also are losing some
of those lessons, I think, as the survivors die. So if this brings the war
back for a generation that won’t know survivors
and won’t know veterans, then we won’t have to learn
these lessons all over again. We won’t have to reinvent what
was a pretty horrific wheel. The very best thing
about being an author is in the middle of a book. When you see the
pieces coming together, and the hard work of knowing
what needs to be in the book is behind you, but the joy
of making it fit together is all in front of you, that’s
the best feeling on earth. Books were always a
part of my family life, and I felt it was a kind
of special family time, and if you could
get your parents to read to you after dinner and
before bed, and it was always– for many years, it was all
Dr. Seuss all the time. A paycheck inspires me to
write more than anything else. I really admire people who
write when they’re motivated, when there’s nothing else,
they write for their soul, they write for themselves. I have never done that. I’ve always written for money. That said, there is a
second level of motivation that I wouldn’t write if I
didn’t need to earn a living, but once I am writing,
I am motivated by the real joy of
being inside a text, being able to see a
story come together.

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  1. Thoroughly captivated with your presentation – clear, frank and alive. Thank you – from Winter Park, FL.

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