Meet the Author: Rosie Price (WHAT RED WAS)

Hi, I’m Rosie Price, and I’m
the author of What Red Was. [MUSIC PLAYING] The freedom and the incredibly
empowering experience of finding words for things
that are difficult to express. Having thoughts and feelings
trapped inside one’s head can be a very
isolating experience, and I found writing to be a very
liberating means of overcoming this. [MUSIC PLAYING] It has to be driven
by the characters. Their contradictions, their
feelings, their desires, and the ways in
which all of these put them in conflict with
the world around them. If the characters’ motivations
and actions are coherent and are informed by
their surroundings, then the plot will
naturally take shape. [MUSIC PLAYING] I think I have learned
a lot about plot from television drama. I remember watching
The Wire and thinking how economical the
writing is, and how much is conveyed through so little. Writing novels affords
you the privilege of spending time inside
your characters’ heads in a way that doesn’t happen
in film or on television, but that’s also
dangerous because it’s very easy to overindulge
in interiority while neglecting
the actual story. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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