Meet the Author: Renée Rosen (PARK AVENUE SUMMER)

Hi I’m Renée Rosen, author
of Park Avenue Summer. For me, revision is
where the magic happens. That’s where the
story comes alive. That’s where the
characters really start to come to the surface,
really show themselves. You discover things
that you didn’t even know you were writing about. And to me, that’s
my favorite part. My advice to anyone out
there who wants to write is, yes, you have to read a lot. Yes, you have to write a lot. But you also need to
believe in yourself, and believe that
it’s going to happen. Something else you
need to be able to do is bounce back from rejection. Because that goes
with the territory. Whether it’s from agents,
from editors, from readers who leave negative
reviews, or poor sales, you always have to be able
to bounce back and come back to that center point of
believing that you can do it. I was really fortunate
to spend a week studying with Michael Cunningham
at the Santa Monica Writer’s Conference. This was years ago. And he taught us one
really crucial lesson. He said, if your plot
is not moving forward, it’s because you don’t know
your characters well enough. So when I get to
that point where I don’t know where I’m
going, I put my pen down, and I start really thinking
about the characters. What do they want? What are their fears? What’s a secret that
they’re holding in? What makes them tick? And once I know that,
it happens every time, the story starts moving forward. So if you’re stuck, spend some
time with your characters, and you’ll be surprised. The doorway will open.

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