Meet the Author: Karan Mahajan (THE ASSOCIATION OF SMALL BOMBS)

My name is Karan
Mahajan, and I’m the author of The
Associate of Small Bombs. I think the writer that
I feel the most affection for is probably the
writer, [INAUDIBLE],, who was the first really well-known
Indian writer in English, and he was a very
funny and gentle soul who lived in this
one small south Indian town his entire
life and turned it into a really rich
territory for fiction almost like the way Faulkner did
with his small southern town. And I really I’ve always loved
his worldview and his ability to capture the circular way in
which Indian sometimes talk. I’m really obsessed with
cinema, and I end up going to see movies almost
two or three times a week sometimes. And that’s when a
lot of my thinking actually happens about the
books that I’m writing. The first book that I can
remember being really impressed by was this Agatha
Christie book called And Then There Were None. And it’s this really
fiendishly well-structured book about people on an island who
are getting killed off one by one until you’re
down to a couple, and you still don’t know
who the murderer is. And in a way, it really reminds
me of that game Mafia as well. I always feel that
I have somehow missed the real
point of a subject when I’m writing about it. That I’ve gone
off in a direction that is not as visceral
as it could be. I think that’s probably
my number one fail. Don’t write. It’s better not to be a writer. Become an investment banker.

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