Meet the Author: Daniel José Older (STAR WARS: LAST SHOT)

Hi, I’m Daniel José Older,
author of Star Wars: Last Shot and Dactyl Hill Squad. [MUSIC PLAYING] I do lend books to people but
only certain people and only certain books. And it really has to
be a particular kind of book, basically a book
that I’m probably OK never seeing again. Because we all know
that’s how it works. [MUSIC PLAYING] The key to an amazing story
is the heart of the story. Usually, it’s not something
you can put into words and just spit out. It’s not an elevator pitch. It’s nothing simple. It’s whatever is the
beating heart of the story that takes us the whole
story to get to it and find out what it is. And it’s probably
something super deep that we can’t even
put into words. That’s why it takes a whole
story to tell us what it is. But whatever it is, if you’re
a writer, it’s your compass. It’s what’s going to guide you
forward to finish that story. [MUSIC PLAYING] Two albums I listen to
constantly while I’m writing are Stretch Music by
Christian Scott and Good Thing by Leon Bridges. Both are beautiful,
amazing works of art in totally
different ways. One is jazz but a
brand new kind of jazz. The other is kind of
a soul, neo soul vibe. They’re both fantastic. [MUSIC PLAYING] You know, I think,
before I became a writer, I was somewhat
irrationally scared that one day I would run out
of things to write about. And it’s like, that
doesn’t happen. There’s always more
stuff to write about, more things to explore,
more things of the world to experience. And it’s always there. And I just love telling stories. So I’m pleasantly surprised that
there’s more stories to tell. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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