Meet the Author: Cole Horton (STAR WARS MAKER LAB)

Hi, I’m Cole Horton and I’m the
author of Star Wars Maker Lab. [MUSIC PLAYING] I definitely lend
books to people, mostly because they’ll
read something and want to learn more about Star Wars. And I have the full Star
Wars library at my disposal. [MUSIC PLAYING] The best and worst fan
interaction I’ve had was a recent very
young Kylo Ren who really embodied the character
and asked really hard questions at our booth at the show. [MUSIC PLAYING] When I’m writing I’m usually
listening to movie soundtracks, sometimes Star Wars, because
I write Star Wars, but often Indiana Jones, that’s my secret. [MUSIC PLAYING] I think what attracted me
to the genre I write in, which is Star Wars,
was the films. Everything comes from those. And as a kid, I was
infatuated with them, and I just never grew out of it. [MUSIC PLAYING] If I could write a book
with anyone living or dead, it would probably be Tolkien. He’s the master of creating a
world full of history and lore, and that’s what I’m into. [MUSIC PLAYING] The key to an amazing story
is a world behind them and having all of the
back-stories and lore built out before you start
telling that character story. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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