Meet the Author: Chloe Benjamin (THE IMMORTALISTS)

I am Chloe Benjamin,
and I’m the author of The Immortalists …which follows four siblings who, as children, are given
prophecies about the dates that they will die. And the book then
follows each of them over the course of their
lives, and looks at the way that fate and chance
and expectation influence the
course of our lives. I have to say, I was one
of those obnoxious people who was writing from as
early as I could write. I do remember in fourth grade,
we had a writing assignment. And I went far over the page
limit, as I’m still wont to do. And it couldn’t
be stapled, so it had to be specially
bound with string. So I think at that point,
my parents were like, we may have a
writer on our hands. I think it was, like,
a terrible mystery. I think there was
a mad scientist. We haven’t kept it. So– [LAUGHS] Yeah. So I, like a lot of
writers, had a career that was not necessarily before
my writing, but alongside. So many of us have day jobs,
and I worked in social services. First for an organization
that supports ALS patients, and then for one that works with
victims of domestic violence. And at the latter organization,
where I was most recently, I was the assistant to
the executive director. And so I think one thing,
the biggest thing I learned was empathy. I think you never know what
somebody’s going through. You certainly can’t
tell by looking at them. And I think that’s really
influenced my writing. Just always coming from a place
of curiosity and compassion, and a lack of judgment. The executive director
that I worked for, her organization was incredible. I mean, my file system
is so much better now that I’ve been through that job. And also, her cursive was,
like, just immaculate. And it’s such a dying art. And it made me want to go back
and work on my cursive more. I love letters. I love stationery and
writing personal notes. So, yeah. Empathy, organization,
and good cursive.

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"ink-a-dink-a, bottle of blood…
pen a mortal ever fink,
cork a vampire's blood with pleasure
spill a drop and I'll kill you
open up this creepy pen
engineered forever rarer
spoken so like birds
you'll live in dead immortal terror"
-Jeremy Francis Nienow…
-Jeremy Francis Nienow
"The Dark Persuasion of Francis Not-Now" and "The Scirlin Lancet" at your Service…
stolen scripts and DJ tricks and other titles unworthy.

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