Hello. My name is Anissa Gray,
and I’m the author of The Care and Feeding of
Ravenously Hungry Girls. [MUSIC PLAYING] My advice for
aspiring writers is to write as much as you
can as often as you can, and be willing to accept the
fact that a lot of that writing is going to be very bad. That’s because you’re
just starting out, you’re learning your craft,
you’re finding your voice. And that takes time
and, unfortunately, also a lot of subpar writing. [MUSIC PLAYING] When we read, we’re looking at
life from another perspective. We’re inhabiting a
world that’s probably very different from our own. And through that, that sort
of helps us build empathy. So I guess what I’m saying sort
of in a nutshell is that it’s important to be a
reader because it can help make you a better person. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do I loan books to people? The answer is no. With my books, I like to
make notes in the margins next to particular passages
that are moving to me. I’m also known to
dog-ear pages for pages that I want to go back and read. So for that reason, books
are very personal to me. So I like to hang onto them. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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