Hi I’m Adam Bray and I’m the author of
DK’s Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary The key to an amazing story is, I think,
first of all you need good characters to build the foundation with. But for me
it’s also basing the stories in real life in a real experience. I’ve traveled
the world a lot and lived in Southeast Asia and a lot of the adventures I have,
I find that they’re very valuable for just those little details so you’d only
think to include if you’d actually experienced it for yourself. The job that I would have in another life is probably a Disney animator. It’s actually what I
wanted to be as a kid. But somehow I ended up writing books for Disney, Disney
properties instead, as an author. But I’d love to actually be an illustrator as
well. The book that I reread most often actually is the Bible. I’ve been reading
it from the time I was old enough to read. But I I think Lord of the Rings and
CS Lewis, Narnia tales probably are a close seconds and third. I think what most attracted me to the
genre that I write in, which has latest been reference books for properties like
Star Wars and Marvel. I enjoy the research and learning something new. It’s
my goal with each project to just add to my knowledge and experiences but
also these properties they’re fun and exciting and
light most of the time so they’re just a lot of joy and interesting and they
really perk me up.

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