Meet Novelist Sandra Brown

I began writing when I got sorry for my job my husband really challenged me at that point to begin writing he said now you've got the time and opportunity to do what you always said you wanted to do come on that if I think characters on people i know most people I know are boring so I make out my characters I never passed them like I'm testing a movie my characters become so real to me I mean they're their own person and I can't imagine going through the whole book seeing someone else instead of seeing them most people have the misconception that a writer's sit around and wait for inspiration from the muses and if that were the case I was probably starved to death I love to go to my book signings or book fairs because that's really when you meet your fans round one this is that downtown area footwork ho sundance square named after the Sundance Kid Butch Cassidy claims actually spent a lot of time just in this area I love this part of fort worth what works in my hometown but I particularly like Sunday at square because it's kind of like a little city within a city my suspense novel the crush was sitting forward and so I draw a lot of inspiration from the heritage of Texas you know it's just so rich with larger-than-life characters you

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