Meet Natalie Wambui, a 10yr old Author.

[Applause] [Applause] my country my story not ordinary Kenya's doing extraordinary things my country my soul when did you start writing happen without 5v Lord fine [Applause] composition ieshua no purpose something for they will never get 30 marks as you you are the MP or the 25 not accelerating at five years that's really common that was class I was still in hospital back then but not a join school I was going through heart surgery okay yes it's okay now after I finished my heart surgery my mom immediately brought me into school yeah so I just continued like normal children but I joined school a little bit late yeah first of all I started in a school called Maine floppy preparatory yeah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] main flow preparatory may for visa it's in Gong enough if called typical typical they're you who help you stuff right what do you find you have a passion when I was in still when I was still in hospital the doctor fees to encourage me to keep short journals myself and even after I left the hospital my writing talent has never left me Wow something told me that I should just continue to write so if that we most right now I stood ready I am writing that it's just about the development that we should do in our country development like the roads the rules we have all seen the way our leaders are corrupt and losing the future of all time and I just want to write all about that share my experience and just talk about what should be done and how it should improve Kenya as a country it was not work price we as a country of possible ways on how we can improve this great country you have already figured out that I want to become a great author and also a leader so that I can contribute to the development of our country [Applause] jabba streets and also they are online on Amazon the little kids were watching I would like to tell them that they should start walking when their dreams as early as possible because it is never too early to start working on their dreams they should not select anyone stop them from achieving what they want to do [Applause] yeah the other day roofies so really you know what you want to become when you grow up but nobody [Applause] what does you need to pray for our children [Applause]

23 thoughts on “Meet Natalie Wambui, a 10yr old Author.

  1. I like that i saw her started school her mum was always very careful about her health congrats mum natalie, she is amazing

  2. This is really abeautful awonderfull gift from GOD to father and mother of my role moddle Natalie I love you baby girl and GOD bless your talent more. GOD I lift up my hands to you for all Children like this baby girl bless them with knowledge and wisdom and my beloved daughter Patricia kirabira. In the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST I pray Amen πŸ™πŸ™.

  3. Amazing Natalie ,l see a Great future leader for Africa ,Keep it up. We give Glory to God for the talent .Amen .

  4. Am very optimistic that Natalie is God sent for Kenyans. She will be a good leader when the time comes. Just wish she's from Ghana πŸ˜€. I'm proud of you little girl.

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