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Parents had named her Mahajabeen Bano. The film industry made her tragedy queen. And her fans know her as Meena Kumari. "My companion. We complete each other." She was born on 1 August 1932. Meena Kumari was born
in a really poor family. So she had to start working
in movies since childhood. It was well known that
when little Meena Kumari would cry.. ..saying that the didn't want to act. And that she wanted to go to school. But the financial condition of her family.. ..was such that she had to work
to make their ends meet. "I will wait.
I will wait for you till eternity." "I hope it is eternity and you come." It is also well known that
when Meena Kumair was born.. ..her parents didn't have the money
to pay the doctor's fees. That's why Meena Kumari was
kept in an orphanage for a while. Although her father was also an artist. And he was deeply
connected to Parsi theater. But he didn't have much work. "This is the night to express
what is in my heart." Both her parents were artists. Father Ali Baksh was associated
with Parsi theater. And mother would dance on
stage with the name Kamini. At age 7 the film industry named
Mahajabeen Bano as baby Meena. And when baby Meena grew up
and started working.. an actress,
she was named Meena Kumari. "It seems as if my body is in rhythm." "I am having goosebumps." "This is the night to get
lost in this pleasant love." In the beginning,
she worked in mythological films. As in Veer Ghatotghach
and Sri Ganesh Mahima. But the time came when she got
the role of the main lead.. Vijay Bhatt's movie Baiju Bawra. And her work was acclaimed widely. In 1953, she was even bestowed
with the best actress award. And then Meen Kumari never looked back. Parineeta in 1953,
Ek Hi Raasta in 1956, Sharda in 1957. Who can forget 1960's
Dil Apna Aur Preet Paraye? And in 1962, there came
to movie which took.. ..Meena Kumari to new heights. This movie was Sahib Biwi Aur Gulam. "I have lost myself in me.
I have lost all senses." "It seems like him when
I hear any sound." "It seems like him when
I hear any sound." "I hid my face under the veil." Mr. Guru Dutt had made this film. And Meena Kumari had played
the youngest daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law who gets addicted
to alcohol in this movie. This was the year
when Meena Kumari was nominated.. ..for the best actress
award for three movies. It meant no other heroine
stood any chance. These movies were Aarti,
Main Chup Rahoongi.. ..and Sahib Biwi Aur Ghulam. I can see that you have
got addicted to alcohol. I am not addicted to alcohol.
Rather… – Rather what? My Lord. I am consumed
by his memories. He wants me to drink. So I drink. If we look at Meena Kumari's personal life.. ..then we know that in 1952 Meena Kumari.. ..feel in love with director Kamal Amrohi. Kamal was 15 years older than Meena Kumari. And was already married. Meena Kumari who was a poet wrote
this couplet for Kamal Amrohi. When I found my soulmate,
it brought along restlessness. The circumstances were such that
both of them decided to get married. And immediately after marriage in 1953.. Dayara was made which was based.. ..on the lives of Meena Kumari
and Kamal Amrohi. And by 1956,
their relationship had gone sour. The movie Pakeezah began in 1956.. ..but since there was a rift between
Meena Kumari and Kamal Amrohi.. ..the movie Pakeezah was stopped. And then Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt
told both of them.. ..that this is such a nice movie.
Don't stop it. And make this film. And then both of them started
working in this movie again. Because of this it took
Pakeezah 16 years to complete. "On the way…" After separating from
Kamal Amrohi Meena Kumari.. addicted to Alcohol. People felt that she was
living the character.. ..she played in
Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam in real life. And rumour has it that
Meena Kumari had a love affair.. ..with the new actor at
that time Dharmendra.. ..who went on to be a superstar. "My eyes have expressed
my feeling coyly." "A lover has understood
the other lover." "You are the end of love and
I am the beginning of love." "I am the beginning of love." "My companion.
We complete each other." "You are the song of my life.
And I am the style of the song." Meena Kumari was great friends
with Mr. Gulzar as well. And after Meena Kumari's death,
Mr. Gulzar.. ..published a book which
had Meena Kumari's couplets. Slowly loneliness
consumed Meena Kumari.. ..and she became the tragedy
queen in real life as well. Alcohol was breaking
her body and love her heart. At one such time Meena Kumari
had said that.. ..what will you do
hearing my sad story? And when Meena Kumari
divorced Kamal Amrohi.. ..then this serious
actress had said that.. are divorcing me but return
me my youth as well with grace. "What answer do I give
if the world questions?" What answer do
I give if you don't care? In 1971, she was seen in
Mr. Gulzar's movie Mere Apne.. ..while she was unwell
in a different role. By 1972, she was so unwell
that there was almost no hope.. ..of her surviving. But somehow Pakeezah was released.. ..and Meena Kumari was happy that
she'll go to watch this movie. But just three weeks
after Pakeezah's release.. ..her health deteriorated so much
that she had been to be hospitalized. And Meena Kumari breathed
her last on 31st march 1972. "Someone ask. Who gave me
this pain of love?" "Who gave me the punishment
of spending sleepless nights?" "What do I say if you
refrain from saying it?" It is also a strange co-incidence.. ..that her parents didn't have
money to pay the doctor's fees. But the circumstances
were the same when she died. But a producer owned her some money. And that came handy during her death. "Don't leave me and go, beloved.
I swear that I'll cry." "I'll cry. I am restless.
What will I do without you?" "What will I do?" Meena Kumari was an actress who
worked in movies for 30 years. She played such fantastic characters. And she bid adieu to this world
at a very young age. Meena Kumari's name will always
be immortal in Indian.. industry. "Don't say so that I die right here." "I am an human after all. And not God." For bollywood's latest news and gossip.. ..log onto ..and

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  1. meena kumari looks like my grandmother . ( dadi ) love her very much . har insan jab garibi se upar aata hai toh uski uchae yo ko koi nhi rok sakta !!

  2. A talented actor's life sniffed out prematurely.Her troubled childhood as well as married life forced her to kick the bottle & film luminaries,especially men took advantage of this fact & slowly her health started deteriorating fast.Though she was a muslim lady,she could act  as a perfect pious hindu lady on screen flawlessly! 

  3. Remembering Indian actress #MeenaKumari  on her birth anniversary. Watch her #biography  and share your views in the comment section below.

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