Medium Tammy DeMirza, Author of The Inmate and the Medium

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  1. My name is Pam. I have just spent an hour with Tammy. It was THE most profound spiritual experience of my life. We think we know what we need, and then God speaks! God knows what we need much much much better than we do. Yesterday, I was so sick in bed. I could not do anything but lay in my misery. This morning, the first thing I did was spend an hour with Tammy. Afterwards, I was physically well enough to get out of bed, take my son to lunch, and drop off a package at the mail center. You may not think this is such a big deal, but for me, it was huge. Yesterday, I would have not imagined that I could accomplish this today, but I did. Tammy revealed true love to me without judgement. Tammy, Elisa, YOU ARE LOVED. I have spent many years doing spiritual healing for myself, and thinking I was accomplishing so much but my physical body continued to deteriorate and get sicker and sicker and sicker. How could I be so physically sick after doing so much spiritual healing work? I was not doing the RIGHT spiritual healing. It was as if I were jumping out of airplanes and missing my landing mark every single time. Today, I landed on "the mark". I took a leap of faith, jumped out of the plane, and landed on the right mark. Oh my Lord, thank you Jesus!

  2. Most crucified people take days to die but Jesus was only on the cross three hours. He lived. I love all of it.

  3. This medium is my hero. Please tell her. I am going to have her read me. She has lived my life. Elisa, you are MY HERO!

  4. When I start to go negative and hate on myself, and relive regret, your words,… you know,… you to are a Holy Trinity. I thank Jesus for being the way to truth and light and start feeling Love.

  5. Please Elisa can you talk to a Djinn ? .An Encounter With a Jinn (Genie) In Egypt- (Hank Wesselman) HW: Are those the ones that the Gnostikoi called the archons? (I used the Greek term for the Gnostics.) J:(Djinn) Oh… so you know about them… (The Jinn’s field brightened reflecting excitement.) The archons are not true spirits. They are mind beings, mental entities many of who were created by humans as thought-forms. Many of these function as attachments… as mental parasites. HW: How do they do that? J: They feed on the energy… on the attention paid to them by humans. This includes the energy generated by human belief systems. But they are not true spirits and they will cease to exist if nobody pays attention to them any more. The ones you call ‘the archons’ are those that we call ‘the deceivers,’ and like us they are not creative. But they can mimic and they can take on forms in response to human belief systems. J: Humans are greater than the deceivers. The deceivers that you have called the archons wish to become more like humans. They cannot create. They can only imitate and the only power that they have is derived from humans. Humans have power… and the deceivers want that power. HW: Why don’t the watchers, as you call them, inhibit the archons, the deceivers, from interfering with humans?J: The deceivers are not spirits. They live in the human mind. -J: The Jinn are manifestations of great spiritual force that the Gnostikoi called the Sophia. Everything that exists on this world exists as manifestations of the Sophia.HW: Do the Jinn have souls?J: Yes. Everything that exists has a soul. HW: Who or what is the Sophia? J: She is the soul of this world. HW: Does she have a physical aspect? J: Yes. This world is her physical aspect. HW: Were humans created by God? J: No. Humans are manifestations of the Sophia. HW: Creations of the Sophia? J: No. The Sophia does not create. She emanates and she does so through her dreaming. Humans create. HW: Is the Judeo-Christian-Islamic father god (Yahweh-Jehovah-Allah) the Originator? J: No.HW: Who or what is Yahweh-Jehovah-Allah? J: He is the arch deceiver. You might call him the lord archon after the terminology of the Gnostikoi.

  6. Tammy De Mirza is the real deal. I have had the honor or working with her for over a year. The personal, professional and spiritual growth I have realized is stunning. What a profound difference Tammy has made in my life. I have also had the privilege of traveling with her. Her energy is as immeasurable as her love. What a blessing. Really enjoyed this video. Thank you for having Tammy on!

  7. Elisaaaaa I had a dream last night about you. We were on a panel together. A medical panel of sorts. I am not a physician. Don’t even have a college degree😂. But I was so happy to see you and happy to share ancient healing wisdom. Love you girl 🤗

  8. Hi Elisa and Erik: What a gift you've given us! Love your recent presentation approaches with panelists and individuals such as Tammy. Look forward to more of these for learning and moving forward. Much love,

  9. You are quite possibly one of my favorite people on earth, Elisa!! I find so much comfort watching your channel.

  10. All members probably know by now that it’s becoming difficult for Elisa to keep budgeting the costs to keep the site going and has set up a link on the site to donate and assist her with the funds. I’ve donated myself what I could for now but plan on more when I am able and I just wanted to also ask everyone within the channeling Erik family to just help with whatever you can, no matter how small, or what is put on your heart to donate! If we all do just even a little bit, we can all be a part of helping her keep this amazing gift she has brought to fruition going, and keep sharing it with us all

  11. Hello, I have made a Wikia called Channeled knowledge where we can collect all the channeled knowledge from all these beautiful videos. It's called Thank you, dont forget to contribute!

  12. This was awesome sauce luved it rock on 👍 i love me some jesus even though im Buddhist for some reason i adore that dude.

  13. Inspiring interview. Tammy is an amazingly gifted lady, as are you Elisa. I would love a session with her also. 😉 Thanks so much for sharing ladies. 🙏


  15. Until this moment, I had never known about Tammy but for years my spirit had been telling me exactly what Tammy is saying here. I knew these things in my spirit but my "Christian" friends were telling me that I was wrong. Tammy has just confirmed what I have known.

  16. AMEN LADIES………..I love this lady!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! ANOTHER ah ha moment for me!!!!! BLESSINGS IN LOVE AND LIGHT TO YOU!!!

  17. I know it sucks to read mean and hurtful comments but they help you as part of the journey of self-discovery and growth in learning how to ignore them and stop letting them get to you. What I've learned in my journey is that its the ego that gets offended and hurt feelings by taking everything people say and do "to" us personally even though you know it's not about you at all but it's really about them, their ignorance and where they are in their soul's evolution. When I understood that it gave me a perspective that enabled me to detach from my ego and I stopped letting anything external into my heart and it helped me to instead have love for them because they are so closed minded they must be living in a really shitty mental prison and I'm really glad I'm not them! When my heart is busy sending them love there's no room for taking in anything that could hurt me and I AM FREE!

    Remember what we said as kids "I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!" well we need to really develop that mentality because it is on point! I activate my deflector shield and send it right back to them! You don't have to take that shit on. Why do you let the insignificant words of small minded people have so much power over you? You are helping people all over the world and what are they doing for their service to humanity? Being internet trolls? LOL how sad! Put them into the right perspective. Laugh at them, they mean nothing! They only have power if you give them power. CLAIM YOUR POWER! STAND IN YOUR POWER! YOU ARE A POWERFUL DAUGHTER OF GOD! YOU ARE INVINCIBLE! AND WE ALL LOVE YOU ELISA!!!!

  18. Hello Elisa Medhus, Erik Medhus, and guest psychics. Have you ever met and talked with a spirit that told you that he/she/it is God? If your answer is yes, how did God then sound and appear to you?

    Most very psychic people didn't respond to my question, and a few of them said that they had not met and talked with a spirit that told them that he/she/it is God. Some of them don't even answer my question about if they have seen and heard and talked with that type of spirit or not, and they, instead, say something like this, "God is everyone and everything, and God is everywhere." I am eager to read your response to my two questions that are in this message. I want you to give me a yes or a no answer for each of those two questions. After that, you can expand on those two questions and if you want to.

    So far, I have not been able to have some telepathic conversations with any types of beings. I am also not able to see and hear, everyday or every week, some spirits. So far, I have not been able to see and hear spirits at the same time, and I have not been able to have some telepathic conversations with some spirits that I have seen, but it is not often that I have seen and heard some spirits. I am sure that my spirit probably often does all of that when I am sleeping and maybe during some other times, but I have no conscious awareness of any of that.

    Bye, thank you, and have a good day. You can also say whatever else that you want to say about all of this, and after you answer my two above questions. Only answer them if you want to.

  19. I've heard of people who see discarnates and didn't want to …first time I've heard of someone who can help them turn it off … Amazing.

  20. I can't wait to read Tammy's book … would love a reading from her … she's awesome … just awesome …I'm impressed.

  21. I liked her so much I booked a session with her. Thank you for hosting such wonderful talent. Elisa is a one woman energy elevation and healing crew.

  22. Elisa..just wondering if your boy would take time to talk with Shannan Watts a little so many of us are wondering about her and her was such a horrible thing what Chris Watts and Erik are wonderful…love you both!!

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