Media Composer – Basic Cut/Add Edit and Trim

7 thoughts on “Media Composer – Basic Cut/Add Edit and Trim

  1. If I worked with many different video editors – and in this one I canno trim my video after watching 5 different tutorias – this soft is a piece of s…

  2. The fact that this video even needs to be made reflects badly on Avid. I tried using the software, and not only was it a chore to import media (I had to convert a video file in order for avid to add it to the bin even though before and after it was the same format), but the interface is overwhelming and crowded. On top of that, the program was maxing out my CPU, despite having a powerful computer that I purchased 2 months ago, which rendered the program laggy and unusable.
    Thanks for the tutorial though, I'm just a bit frustrated with all these issues. (Maybe it works better on Macs?)

  3. thanks you! i start to learn MC this years for my bts and your tuto is really simple, now im ok for cut my clip!

  4. Have you used Sony Vegas? I edit on it, but Sony is supposedly not going to develop a new version of Vegas, though they'll keep supporting Vegas Pro 13, whatever that may mean. So in the future I may want other editing software. Avid is powerful but seems needlessly complicated. I can move so quickly and with such facility in Vegas with many keyboard shortcuts, and I wonder how it compares to Avid.

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