Mc's Lewd Visual Novel? – (DDLC MOD)

38 thoughts on “Mc's Lewd Visual Novel? – (DDLC MOD)

  1. God dammit there were no Monika lewds
    We've been tricked we've been backstabbed and we've been quite possibly bamboozled

  2. Bike’s lewd content is contagious.
    Thank you, Spaghetto, for posting lewd content.
    You can never disappoint me 👌🏻

  3. Heya Spaghetto, im hungry so…

  4. Dude your at 10k subs, why are you afraid of reading Perverse mods??? You do this for fun so just don't worry about Demonetization.

  5. I had a girl who was a major tusundure and tried to stab me so I broke her arm and nose and now she's my gf but she tries to stop me from killing myself she even hid my gun and cut me down from my rope

  6. 0:41 pretty we ALL know who's doing the programming out of the group. XD

    2:10 ok was not expecting Sayori and MC to act as placeholders for Natsuki's explanation but ok then why not? XD also I love how Yuri physically moved Sayori. XD

    3:05 hold on now where does THIS emote for Sayori come from?

    5:34 buries my head in my hands laughing I have no words.

    9:22 erm… what's with that look from Monika? is this one of those r/whoooosh moments or something? XD

    11:51 wait YURI is doing the coding? huh… would've expected Monika with her whole hacking the game thing. XD

  7. Me: yeah, I'll watch Spaghetti Boi!
    My brain: ooh watch this
    My sexuality: you know you'll like it
    My heart: dude, don't. It's not clean
    My sexuality: or you could look at hot guys, why do I care, you like both anyway
    My brain: WATCH IT!
    Me: FINE!
    Video: I'm gonna end this man's whole career
    My gender: having an existential crisis

  8. I love Yuri in this. Yuri dragging Sayori closer to MC
    . Yuri going into the players POV and here being okay working on something lewd.

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