MBBS 1st year Books to be Read

20 thoughts on “MBBS 1st year Books to be Read

  1. Bhaiya please help me SC category ko Kitna rank k under me aana padega ki AIIMS Delhi mil jayega please help me

  2. Bhaiya plz make videos on 2nd year bks….n what advice ull give to those who were carried away during their first years n didn't study well……plz

  3. Bro, Basically I got admission in government MBBS college there we don't have seniors , means is our 1st batch so please give us tips ….
    And please tell something about USMLE exam , option etc
    Thanks for the such a great videos …💐

  4. Bhaiya what about NEET-PG ?
    If we wish to start PG prep from 1st year itself(we want to build a very strong foundation),which books we need to follow for anatomy?

  5. Bhaiya, you talk geniunely…
    You said about series on how to read NCERT books (phy and chem) for neet …?

  6. Ek AIIMS Delhi target walo ke liye video Baano jisme books plus konse topic hai jinhe deeply pde specially physics and chemistry ke bare me I don't care muje kitni mehnat krni pde etc BSS aana hai too sirf AIIMS Delhi

  7. Dada,Which is better college Bardhaman medical college or North bengal medical college.I am from North bengal.plz reply quick.

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