"Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" Complete Graphic Novel Video with Sound in HD

god to be such a damsel in distress they were all dead love kills that I love her was there a choice the past is in gaping hole you try to run from it the more you run the deeper more terrible it grows behind you its edges you wanna get your heels your only chance is to turn around and face it we had to seek repeat we are at the scene but it's like looking down into the grave of your love check the area hold your fire or kissing the mouth of the gun the bullet trembling in its dark nest ready to blow your head off shuck start shoot large for I need to get him to ICU he's not responding this guy is a train wreck when I woke up in the hospital earlier tonight I thought it couldn't get any worse I opened my eyes and everything slid into focus she was dead I was hurt like crime what I had done was like a hungry pit behind me I had to run it as far away from it as possible a false start the hospital bed wasn't the beginning it was past the point of no return the fatal choice already made and it would get worse before the end the past is a puzzle like a broken mirror as you piece it together cut yourself your image keeps shifting and you change with it the destroy you drive you mad it could set you free you'll see the choices you didn't know you'd made like staying at work late to chat with a friend instead of hurrying home to your family circle around cover all the exits kissing her I think of the cold laws of cause and effect call central every available unit here now I am afraid I start again from the beginning trace my own steps to the scene of the crime I had wanted to be punished for what I had done but Alfred worden and kept his word with his influence ridiculously I had emerged from my history of violence unscathed a hero I didn't thank him I couldn't stomach it I left the DEA I went back to where it started out back to the job the NYPD it's mine I'm on it it wasn't a call for a homicide detective but I knew the address the warehouse belong to Vladimir Lim he was connected to organized crime we went back a while like brothers caught on opposite sides in a civil war his words he who got sloppy paid you screwed up it's unacceptable that she's dead you can do better I played it as business as usual but everything had changed the moment those elevator doors open to reveal Mona Annie Finn was a licensed gunsmith licensed dealer and Firearms right the property owned by vladimir lem three groups one DOAs who had connections the Russian OSI identified as Finn's employees to the Mafia and three the clowns were in the cleaning company jumpsuits they mentioned a name Kaufman this one's evil it has only started I don't like it I don't like it a bit it's yours pain it makes no sense for you Winterson homicide Sebastian gates it's gonna be all over the news the senator Winterson was the ideal what the job was all about someone to look up to bravura knew it too we got lucky there's an eyewitness she hovered over my shoulder whispering warnings I didn't want to listen Mona was the suspect in winter syns case I didn't tell them I had seen her I wanted to stall maybe it was because she was alive when everyone else kept dying on me survivor's guilt washed away detective Winn ursins phone give me that your boyfriend a computer search and the squeaky cleaning company and Kaufman had come up empty I needed to talk to GLAAD get his version be the very bad news on any Finn Vlad had bought the old Ragnarok nightclub he was renovating it into a trendy restaurant vodka Mona's appearance attributed dislocation schizophrenia I felt elation but with it fear that all the past evils that come along for the ride then he got Nitti a criminal mastermind he is wiping up everyone he sees this competition on the black market gun trade the Mafia underboss has made a deal with someone powerful mm-hmm what was you did for a living again scouts honor detective I have mended my ways evolved to a higher level vodka will be the best restaurant in the city I'll be rich and famous Annie was a princess they killed her for no reason they hurt your hand just now a hot date yesterday can I tempt you let's pretend I'm on duty home sweet home something in the night felt like a door then opened an echo of the past an old monster snapping its eyes open in the depths of my brain closing your eyes forces you to look at the darkness inside and now address unknown I had slept in a long time when I did my dreams or nightmares I was trapped in a nightmare my evil double it taken my girlfriend in a nightmare every choice you make is a wrong one following him I had somehow slipped into a twisted alternate reality noir York City I would wake up at night afraid that day was a dream I'd forget when you're waking up the world is a blur what was clear in a dream suddenly makes no sense no surreal rescues no easy magic way out but you are awake I had woken up to a knock at my door Mona I was wondering when you'd show up max I'm not here to kill you aren't you going to ask me in you are in danger both of us are there's a contract out on us there's no us in this you're a murder suspect I should take you in and I was hiding behind the badge they hit you home it's like a friggin kindergarden out there what next a kid with a bag full of guns and a head full of video games turns the house into a cuting gallery breaks my heart innocent people got killed you didn't do your job pain to protect and serve is it just bullshit night what the hell's going on with me he meant I had my doubts about the cleaners spying on me about Mona according to Vladimir LEM the mob captain Vincent gognitti is behind the hits seems he's made a deal with an unknown third party maybe the cleaners I don't know something doesn't fit if it's true I've been added on got needies list I came close to lying to bravura I told myself I needed to find out the facts first before others could screw up the evidence but that was an excuse Mona had gotten under my skin I couldn't close my eyes to any of it anymore it was more important than the job she tried to reach me left her number risky leaving your number at the police station trace the call and you'll see I'm talking to you Wynn ursin I'll give you my address make sure you're not followed max what's going on what do you mean don't do anything stupid you have to give me a lot more than that the inner circle what of it the secret society is after everyone who knows of their existence come off it prove it I have a contact inside he's willing to talk Alfred worden No anyways I can take you to him she wasn't telling me the whole truth let's go the circle goes back to the centuries old Masonic cults corruption and assassinations reaching all the way to the presidential level right and here I was thinking conspiracy theories had gone out of style we're here so are they I'm the only one handling a piece here which floor they're after him the elevators work with the apartment keys and from the desk here they've jammed most of them to the floors they're on the guard set off the alarm before they were killed we need to do this fast shouldn't we just wait for the cops here so he can stay in touch what were you thinking were you thinking at all I was following a lead she was helping me she is a fugitive murder suspect for chrissakes I was trying to save those people from the cleaners the two cases are connected mine and winter 'sons senator gate was killed by the cleaners they are connected Winterson could have them both she doesn't back you up I was doing my job I'm sorry to do this pain but it's for your own good and me your guns I'm putting you to a desk job start by reading a report on what the hell happened in the Upper East Side fraternizing with the enemy I had stepped over the edge the cartoon moment when the gravity waits for the coyote to realize his mistake before the plunge get yourself to a counselor you fallen apart when you're ready to go to a come talk to me get your act together I get someone in here to help you with this mess I have no fear glad is here the world was getting too small for comfort too many coincidences hi you're dead max babe a giant headed captain baseball bat boy costume lay in the backseat here enough for Halloween max cutest of all my friends call it my Trojan horse in the war vinnie gognitti started speaking of which any news do me a favor drop me off at Coney Island does the inner circle ring any bells nothing mystical about them even if they themselves would like things just one step of the leather of organized crime I see what you're going with this dog Nettie has made a deal with them what about Mona sax I know of her her reputation as a hired killer I hear she is a stone Fox I would fuck her right then I hate it Vlad max I need to ask your advice as a friend ask hypothetically if the only choice of god is to do the wrong thing but it's not really the wrong thing it's more like fate you have to do what you have to do it's never that easy of course we agree to disagree why was I there again wait wait just a minute talk to me what are you so afraid of what do you want from me the things that I want my max pain the smoke Oh whiskey for the Sun to shine I want to sleep to forget let's change the past my wife and Davey girl back on the move a license to kill right then more than anything I wanted to hurt you led them here up to my place we can take them there I had no choice I couldn't have waited the Mona it was Vlad's excuse fate I didn't trust myself I'd forgotten that the radio Mona had given me max I'm here to go ride with the cleaners I'll let you know where we're going can't talk now I couldn't crack her I had to crack the case like always the dead had all the answers I was missing it wasn't that they weren't eager to talk quite the contrary the dead had plenty to say and once they started they would never shut up their words would keep you awake at night the bodies all the evidence of all the murders the cleaners had done all the answers it would take days to dig through it Mona I know this sounds crazy but I need you to go and call the cops I need them here you are crazy I'm a fugitive max I just escaped from custody I wouldn't ask if it wasn't yes Mona damn I didn't know what Mona wanted if it was the same thing I was after to kill those who were trying to kill her the bullet real or imagined lodged in her head routing her synapses driving her on she had arrived to the site while I was inside the condemned building I don't know what went on with her max I'm at the site where are you stay out of this max you're only making it worse you've been suspended she's one of them she's here to kill me I'm doing my duty she is a fugitive murder suspect I'm taking her in she resists she gets shot as surely is the bullet rips through the victims flesh organ and bone it shatters the image of the man presses the trigger easy back off pain this is what I see when I look back these moments blinding us no they kill you change you you die and live again we made no Mona Winterson gunfire this way fast go home go run Oh God detective witnessin opposite down he went over the edge the genius of the whole no matter how long you spend climbing out you can still fall back down in an instant I had a dream of my wife in it I murdered her for my lover removing multiple gunshot wounds pupils blown head trauma god only knows what he's in shock start two large-bore IVs get a nice stack he's not responding this guy I have chosen moment it felt like I had lost her you're a real angel max you come to permits the wreckage of your own making you stay there I squeezed shut fraid to move hoping to bleed to death or do you crawl out help your loved ones make sure the fire doesn't spread try to fix it all this time we got the fable of Sleeping Beauty wrong all units are in position we are ready to go Prince didn't kiss her to wake her up no one who slept for a hundred years is likely to wake up okay people get ready to go in we are gonna hit the place it was the other way around he kisses her to wake himself up from the nightmare that has brought him there when I had woken up in the hospital earlier tonight I had thought things couldn't get any worse I was wrong fast forward from that two winters his body at the hospital morgue I was a murderer a cop killer there are things in life you cannot choose how you feel I had lain at the bottom of the hole long enough too long Mona was still the answer I call closes up her out of the corner of my eye felt her presence everywhere I went I was trying to trace her path recreate the whining course of the magic bullet in her head I couldn't find her I drove out of the city in the direction Mona had pointed me to a man who specialized in answers the architecture of Alfred Loudon's Manor had its origins in European darkness along with the inner circle mr. paid I've been expecting you the only true reason why men fight wars love to score on Mona sax next question fine why is the inner circle trying to kill me I am dying cancer power has leaked through my fingers there was a rebellion a renegade faction has pushed the society into a civil war everyone who resists is assassinated we have been reduced to fighting mob Wars vinnie gognitti Vladimir LEM I knew the answer before he told me Vlad has lied cleaning company commanders were his men Vladimir LEM has belonged to the Society for many years GOG needy is going to die in the hands of the inner circle renegade then he is coming for me his one-time mentor I don't know is this a crime is it against the law to be happy with my boy I haven't seen you with me miss you call me the gilding on the mask could crack to reveal the rot underneath win ursins confession didn't wash away my guilt it made me feel worse I had a meeting scheduled with Vlad at Vinnie's place no pain not you why does this keep happening to me hey you gotta help me there's a freaking bomb in here if I take the head off it blows bye-bye mini you're a freakin cop you gotta help me how did this happen the Russian trapped me join the club I can help you get him I can't I swear you get me out of this and I can help you get him you've got yourself a deal when I was fun and a fucking terrible sick not at all fun way then you idiot Mona as much as I did we'll try to find Mona sax she can disarm the bomb are you crazy she's just as bad as the Russian gparted the same fucking crew you're delusional I was desperate enough to look for Mona at the funhouse I got a bad feeling about this max dearest of all my friends drop your gun or the bomb goes I had a bomb ticking in my head no amount of painkillers would disable it glad laughter they came to be there I can only speculate it's clear that she was after Vlad max she must have gotten there after he had left otherwise he'd have been dead and she wouldn't have come after me max come on time to wake up death is inevitable our fear of it makes us play safe blocks out emotion it's a losing game without passion you're already dead it's all a matter of perspective tied to time and place love and friendship life and death Vlad had led me to Mona's apartment at gunpoint just missed you at vodka and at Venus third time is the charge we can't get him up here the head is too big to fit through the door let Vinny stay in the funhouse that's where he belongs I'll get to him in a moment ironic isn't it what is how you fell for the killer working for the man who got your family killed love is blind everything is subjective choices answers good and evil Walden sent the project Valhalla file to the DA to put a scare on him your family paid the price Mona is like me just in the opposite camp killing the society members allied with me how funny is that I hate to do this but you know how you are you would never let it go Einstein was right time is relative to the observer when you're looking down the barrel of a gun time slows down your whole life flashes by heartbreaking scars max come on time to wake up she was beautiful I hated her for making me feel this way now that I was with her I was reluctant to hear her answers you okay Vlad was headed to wardens Manor don't be stupid you're not in shape to go anywhere you'll die I don't care this isn't your fight max you can walk away I'm asking you I didn't deserve to walk away there are no happy endings you're coming with me it was too late I couldn't trust her not before I had seen this through Vlad was right there are no choices nothing but a straight line the illusion comes afterwards when you ask why me and what if when you look back see the branches like a pruned bonsai tree or a forked lightning if you've done something differently it wouldn't be you it would be someone else looking back asking a different set of questions Mona wait stop this is love when someone drags you from the wreckage when you have given in ready to just lie there and die I told you not to come here it's my job to clear up this mess and you're a part of it throw away your guns this is love when someone no matter what the cause shows you there is hope a choice that you can put down your gun see I can't do it you're a bastard max this is love love hurts I was so looking forward to you to killing each other ah you can't have everything I had been here before ground zero you are making me look incompetent by refusing to die stop I am sorry enough a bomb went off in my head the bullet lodged in my brain moved to fatal microscopic distance past is a gaping hole your only chance is to turn around and face it but it's like kissing the lips of your dead love darkness waiting at home mouth we are willing to suffer to die for the things we care about for love for the right choices because of her I had solved the case my case all of it who I am it's gonna be all right ah God I turned out to be such a damsel in distress she was dead the bullet in her head had come to the end of its slow-motion journey stay sharp we're going in go go go it is almost morning waking up from the American Dream Jesus my god what the hell went on in here they are all dead now like all my loves she is mine forever she has brought me here to this moment of clarity where time slows down and I choose to look back to see myself and in that act of seeing I am reborn down here just wait there see oh god he's got a live one here detective pain he's still alive we need a medic in here now he's still alive I had a dream of my wife she was dead but it was all right

46 thoughts on “"Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne" Complete Graphic Novel Video with Sound in HD

  1. The writers of this masterpiece are genius, when I was kid I used to skip the novel but now I enjoy every detail and the excellent voice acting. This game is pure art

  2. "The illusion comes afterwards, when you ask 'why me?' and 'what if?' When you look back to see the branches like a pruned bonsai tree, or forked lightning. If you had done something different, it wouldn't be you. It would be someone else looking back, asking a different set of questions."

    That quote stuck with me.

  3. My fav game story,..movie was shit cz they couldn't present it well. And mark welerburg doesnt suit well in max's character and some of these words should hv been in the movie…should hv been more sad and poetic

  4. "I had a dream of my wife. She was dead but, it was alright."
    This single line is the reason Max Payne 3 shouldn't exist. At least 3 had a good soundtrack.

  5. The genius of the hole. No matter how long you spend climbing out, you can still fall back down in an instant.

  6. one of my top 3 games of all time…and this is the reason why…please don't make a movie out of this because it's way too perfect as it is already

  7. Is there any mistake with Vlad's words? 24:20

    Woden sent the Project Valhalla file to the D.A to put a scare on him? who is he? isn't it about Nicole Horne?

  8. While the game itself was great, the Graphic Novel in Max Payne 2 was so much worse than the first game. You could really tell the writers had changed between games and the overall quality of this graphic novel had dropped. Everything about it from the miscast actor playing Max Payne to the terrible voice acting for Alfred Woden (had a great voice actor in the first game), all made for a bit of a disappointment really.

  9. Why did they change the actors for Max? Kinda ruins the game for me, I love how utterly badass the orinal Max looked in the novel moments. He's the reason I love the game so much.

  10. The past is a puzzle, like a broken mirror. As you piece it together, you cut yourself. Your image keeps shifting, and you change with it

  11. I enjoyed all the games, but one thing that bothered me about the third one was that at the end of MP2 Max seemed to have become fine. With His family dead and everything. And then he fell into deep depresion again and started drinking like hell?

  12. Am i the only one who find the story of max payne 2 really bad compare to the first ?
    Even the  third is much better than this one

  13. It was good but no where near as good as the first game, but it's still far better than the third game for sure.

  14. What does it mean that,,false start" and ,, the hospital bed was not the beginning."

    When in the timeline he says those words? After all the events, thinking back what has happened?
    If the hospital bed was not the start, then why to mention it?
    He simply wrongly remembered the importance of actual timeline and events accordingly and prefer to start talkin about memories in a way, that the hospital part looked like as the start of it all?

    I did play MP2 long time ago but i cannot remember that hospital part in actual gameplay.

  15. 5:51 now that is Max Payne. Depressed beyond all imagination but still capable of mustering a little smirk.

  16. Uhhh … I work in IT industry, I am a developer for a year. For those who does't know what that means it is office work. While I work at computer I listen to this story on headphones. Just saying … 😀

  17. I get that its not part of the graphic novel, but its just wrong to tell the story of this game without including the scene where Lem shoots Max in the head. It was pretty important.

  18. I was playing Max Payne 2 and I kinda fell off now im playing again but i really cant remember what happened so now i have to watch this.

  19. Max Payne 3 was alright. It was good, stop hating. It was the time that Max has to move on and have a happy and peaceful life. A chance of salvation and redemption. Both last two games ended in a cliff hanger (I guess so?) so they had to finish it with a satisfying ending which is Max enjoying his vacation in Bahia. I loved how they wrote Max Payne 3, just to take a break from the noir and dark stuff, move on something like that.

  20. Max Payne 3 was just a horrible attempt to further make money off the series–it should've been left alone or done right.

    And all of us who really played through know how the story ended for Mona and Max. 😉

    "…we have two survivors!"

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