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hey guys I'm here today to do a graphic novel review I will be reviewing the complete maps by Art Spiegelman well actually guys that give me some graphic novel recommendation loads of people raved about this one so I thought I should finally get around to reading it so this is the complete mouth they were published separately I think in 1986 and 1992 and then they were published together at a later date so I have the combined addiction which is well the beautiful it's a reasonable profit book which I really like it's lovely map on it so it's a very nice looking book I think most people know the basic premise of this book this book closed at Spiegelman's father survived through the Holocaust so a speed woman is talking to himself her up book and his father is relaying his use during the Holocaust and how himself and other family members survived it so I know a lot of people found this book incredibly touching very sad and it is it definitely is but for me that wasn't what I love that what I loved about it was the way it was told so there's parts in this book where his father's telling him the story and then I will interrupt him and that Olivia a drawing where arts interrupting his father and present day of saying hey I thought this actually happened no no no no no just listen and then it's all blend seamlessly back into the into the past so I thought that was really good I thought what was really well done about this book is that obviously you should really sympathize with Matt's father loved the deck because he survived the Holocaust and he went through some horrific things at the same time I ended up sympathizing with him because his past it also ended up disliking him because the person he was in the present a little that was amazing that someone who survived the Holocaust necessarily turned out to be an all-around good guy something that is expressed very heavily in this because their arts father is very conscious of money he doesn't want to spend money he doesn't have to and the whole story saw his thriftiness during the Holocaust and how really that kept him alive and how that's affected him his old age and it's become from him he's obsessed with it actually made him a worse person now than he was because of it so truly showing that although he may be survived the Holocaust physically made mentally he didn't and I thought that was really really affecting and done really really well now I know a lot of people have said that yeah isn't their favorite and it wasn't for me if I don't love this sort of really comic book styles or we restricted to boxes and the way it was with the drawn I don't love but I think it really worked there's something a lot people know that the whole cast of characters are drawn as different animals and I think that was done really well because I think it almost separates you in some ways there's some really horrible things in this book there's one bit which I'm really well not enjoyed but one bit I thought was drawn really well this is a sort of hanging up some Jewish people in history I mean II think they're four days they're almost due to people who walk past them and I was thinking to myself you know if this was drawn of actual people it would probably be much worse much more horrible to have to see so I think maybe drawing them as as mice was a bit easier to take so it was a really good idea and I definitely would recommend this book are you get 5 out of 5 stars it made me think more than just about the Holocaust about how people after the Holocaust have to deal with it and survive and how it affects the older generations you know Art Spiegelman isn't the most well-rounded guy it's very evident in his story that he's not the most mentally stable man and that was obviously because of his up three more papers about the Holocaust so this book is definitely very affecting I would recommend if you haven't read it already and this 5 out of 5 stars thanks for watching bye

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  1. @mercysbookishmusings Hi, I like your videos- good to see spoiler-free, concise reviews. My only suggestion is to avoid describing comic book art as "comic book style" because that's quite a vague expression; I'm a big comic fan but don't really know what that could specifically mean. There are more descriptive words to describe comic art ('realistic', 'stylised', 'retro', 'moody', 'crowded') that would convey your meaning better

  2. I remember reading this few years ago and I actually plan to order complete book 🙂 One of my favourite books to this day- I love history-related book and I love the way this story was told- it was very touching and sad. 

  3. I wouldn't say anyone dislikes arts dad in the present, in fact I found him rather endearing. How much he loved anja, everything he done sort of revolved around her. To the point he worked harder to get food, drink and sometimes the creature comforts for her. Everything he done that kept him alive, had him learning something new he used later. I had real respect and admiration for this man, to the point you can understand him in the present by seeing his past.

  4. Have you considered doing a favorite authors video? I know you've done a favorite books video but I think it'd be cool and interesting to list your favorite authors and explain why you enjoy them as much as you do? I'm not sure, maybe that's too vague but I think it'd be really fascinating.

  5. I picked this book up from my school library years ago but didn't get around to reading any of it before I had to return it. I've wanted to read it ever since and the fact that so many people throughout booktube go on about it has made me want to read it even more,

    Great video, very insightful review. Really looking forward to picking this up now.
    …also I subscribed 🙂

  6. Fantastic review! I really liked that about the story too with the different looks at Art's father and how you like him and hate him at the same time.

  7. I've had this from the library several times but never got around to reading it, maybe next year. You should check out Yossel by Joe Kurbet an amazing graphic novel about the concentration camps

  8. I had to read this for a class in college called "Surviving the Holocaust."  It was taught by a survivor's child.  This book is great and I think the artwork makes it easier to take in the horrible images of the Holocaust, while still conveying the true horror.  As someone who has read a fair amount of Holocaust, these images are much easier to look at.

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