Matthew Macfadyen on Just How Good Succession’s Writers Are

buckle up buckle head I have a soft spot for that I can sort of die happy now I've said that I didn't know that I needed to say it but I do it's so thrilling on describ day we take bets as to when they'll sort of paying into people's email boxes all the actors or abductor lenders I will climb laughter it's just really lovely what the right has come up with and they're all brilliant he's assembled this extraordinary team of writers it's slightly unclassifiable the show I never know what call it really has been so drama with hilarious bits now I'm forever it sounds bad it is bad it is and I kind of need to share it but anyone I talk to uh-huh anyway I talked to I effectively kill they managed to have these moments of real fast almost sometimes real hilarity and black humour with and then the next second sort of takes your legs away it's really moving and obsessing into ugly as well like life you know life's ludicrous really anything you

7 thoughts on “Matthew Macfadyen on Just How Good Succession’s Writers Are

  1. An amazingly talented actor both in comedy and drama, a handsome man with a soft, velvety yet virile and deep voice…

  2. Such a sweet treat for the eyes and ears to hear and see him. A charming gentleman!
    Tom is my favorite character. His memes are all over my phone. ❤️😁

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