please seven ah good morning man just tell me what though I don't get paid so why don't you hold the door once you anyway Clark 22 in five minutes I'll be late for my interview use a dummy see it's only going 20 going up I think we saw just my luck after hours at unemployment I gotta be scheduled my doctor's appointment had used an emergency phone hello hello hello Ike in the downtown it's no use the doors I'm Shep see in between boys hey did you try all the button somebody please push it a minor malfunction he'll stop jumping I don't think he's gonna last in this elevator shy now now who tell them pass gas man I just hate and I couldn't hold it in boxes getting smaller in the walls enclose an enemy oh this guy's for coming I need your feed oh my god I'm getting contractions take some deep breaths all this and I just wanted to do this check the Duke over there yeah oh say how I should have talked the steps up the emergency exit just climb me a boat my to do something with your tight suit and that's betraying the city pay the electric bill well it's been a long time such a thing Venice back you got a cell phone I don't get any reception yo watch your cock your women watch at all this real bull your will my wallet oh I know somebody got it I'm trapped with a bunch of pink fine quiet I heard somebody holler justice giving my name okay I don't find that amusing Elka lady your dog Willie came over I don't know where we paint man let's whip this up there brother you know you're right this was a good building I know man let's go downstairs and do it again man you need to do this every day let's do it again


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