Mary Tudor – Queen of England | Biography

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  1. She had her niece beheaded at 16 years old. We have been told she died brave and had forgiven the beul. In reality the child must have screemd for mercy.

  2. Mary 1 was also a tyran and a serial killer like her dad. The crazy Henry 8. First obesitas victum in history.

  3. 1:39
    I think,this Portrait is about Mary Stuart,Queen of Scotland!
    Mary I. was born on 18th of February 1516!

    Cool Video!

  4. spot the diffrents


  5. Mary I:killed over 300 protestants

    Elizabeth I:killed more than 1000 in her 44 yr ruling she even killed her cousin!

  6. She was born on 18th February 1516, not in May, just saying……and also, it is the HEAD of the English church, not King. Not trying to sound mean, just letting you know πŸ™‚