MARY SUE – Terrible Writing Advice

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  1. Quite a bit like early renaissance era stories of Knight's Errant. When Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes returned from Moorish captivity, he took to bashing the terribly uncreative tales and overly perfect characters. Some authors would write stories as entirely creative as setting up a big battle and then watching a great hero come in to save the day by simply slicing through the army using a single swing.

  2. Also, Captain America is a Mary Sue and he's a popular Hero. He even states in one of his movies for Iron Man to stop cussing. He's powerful, and you dont see him have any flaws; other then regret for not being there for his love. He's a all around good guy. for fuck sakes.

  3. Why ARE Mary Sues bad?! This debate kind of angers me; because I LIKE
    heroic all around goodguys. A Glorious paladin; that is pure of heart,
    body and mind. Just because she is perfect and strong; dose not mean she
    is bland ad boring. She is a hero to look up to. I have a paladin rp
    character on wow. And when I look at her I like that she is a all around
    'goodguy'. A legendary powerful hero that shines with truth and justice
    and is kind all around… It angers me that Mary Sues are treated this
    way JUST because they are heroes that we dream to be. You know what? No.
    I don't care if some RPers or writers or creators dont like Mary Sues' I
    like them. Because they are a fantasy in the world today. Something to
    dream about as a human being of being; of looking up too. So no. I'm not
    changing my OC Character. And no, I also have alot of players that RP with her; and they like her personality.

  4. A character so powerful they can't lose a fight could work in a work where the stakes aren't in the fights. Perhaps her immense power can't help her do math homework, or get her sister to forgive her for eating the final burrito.

  5. That's Terrible Advice! Thank you so much. I'm on it, right now! I shall call my story… "Star Wars: Return and Rise of the Force Awakened One".

  6. As long as your Mary Sue/Marty Stu/Gary Stu story remains either in your head, or is never put out for anyone else to see, your protaginist is designated as a "milquetoast".
    Once you've crossed that line, and actually published it (either online at a fan fic account…or worse…. officially ) then your character is immediately, and without question designated "Mary Sue/Marty Stu/Gary Stu". ๐Ÿ˜€

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