Martin Boroson author of One-Moment Meditation

>>So for several years I’ve been playing with
a slightly different approach to meditation that turns the time factor kind of upside
down. And says it’s not how long we do it, but how
short we do it, how quickly we can do it, how available it can be. And I call this approach One-Moment Meditation. Rather than thinking I need to be peaceful
for thirty minutes or on a long retreat, Can we do something within ourselves that
retunes our mind to a more useful state right now. And one of the sources for this was when I
was asked to teach meditation to a group corporate lawyers
and I’ll just tell you the story briefly, I first thought we would have three hours
with a lovely location, trees and flowers and maybe relaxed clothing. But I was told, no, all their training happens
in the office. And actually not three hours, it’s just one
hour. ok. I had the good sense not to bring my bells,
candles and incense. Because when I went it, the training happened
in the board room. You know, this room was full of ghosts of
conflicts past. And the training was at lunch hour. So on the table, the boardroom table, piles
of sandwiches and snacks and beautiful cakes and drinks. And then this team of lawyers came in and
they were in sharp suits, sharp skirts, sharp shoes and very sharp minds. And full of the banter of work. And they came in for lunch, which was rightin
front of them. And I was there trying to teach meditation. So, I had to think very quickly, and I realized
we couldn’t do any long exercises. I thought why don’t we try a short meditation. And because these were all Type A’s, their
personalities, I said ‘you know, were going to do a really short exercise,
but to make it work you really have to go for it’. Which is not typical meditation instruction. But the most extraordinary thing happened. Because after a very short meditation, I could
see, could feel, a very patable change in the room. Whatever you call that feeling, a consciousness
in the room. And many people who were there felt, in a
very short meditation, that they’d done something useful in their life. That they’d slowed it down a bit or taken
a break or something happened. Then we had lunch and did it a bit more. So, I developed this technique called One-Moment
Meditation and in my book and in the seminar I’m on for tomorrow
we’re going to explore how to do this more in depth. But, I was asked to give kind of a taster
of that and maybe hint at how useful it can be, tonight, for you. The problem is, to do this quickly in a moment,
that’s really hard. That takes some time to learn. Because a moment goes by so quickly. You really have to be quite a master to notice
it. So, we can’t do a moment of meditation tonight. We’re going to do a minute of meditation. An exercise I call the basic minute. The advantage of a minute is that , you know,
we can measure it. And we know where it begins and we know where
it ends, we think we know where it ends. We don’t really know where it ends, what we
have is a little clock that kind of reassures us that we know what a minute is. So, it’s like a moment with handles on it. So we can get a grip on it. So what we’re going to do tonight is a minute
of meditation. And go for it.

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  1. Great concept. I have the app and just ordered the book. The app has helped me a great deal…..who knew?!?!?!

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