Marshall Davis Jones : "Touchscreen"

29 thoughts on “Marshall Davis Jones : "Touchscreen"

  1. Best lines: from the gardens of Eden to the branches of macintosh. Apple picking has come at a great cost.

  2. Question: is this guy a dancer too? Bc I’ve never seen someone else have such control over their body it’s so cool!

  3. this is wthe worst fucking thing ive ever seen jesus fucking christ slam poetry makes me walnt to kikl myself

  4. hmm I wonder what would happen if we took phones and computers away definitely not millions of people would lose their jobs. because technology sucks, lets just fucking take away light bulbs too :l

  5. My English teacher showed me this and usually once I study a poem i never want to hear it again but i have watched this about a hundred times and it is still amazing 😉❤️❤️

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