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hello everyone hey good morning and
welcome to morning verses with Mike it’s like a special early edition it is 5:30
a.m. and good morning to all of you who are getting up and joining me early it’s
5:30 a.m. mountain time we’ve got a company function here coming up so it’s
one of those deals that better to be early than to be late so I figured I
would post this up if you’re joining me live thank you so much I really truly
appreciate you participating in these daily I do this Monday through Friday at
normally 6:15 a.m. it’s 5:30 a.m. this morning also if you are joining later if
you’re watching later thank you so much I appreciate that I’m gonna click open
the chatroom here and see what we got going on watch the magic happen
so each morning Monday through Friday 6:15 a.m. normal time I get up and share
a Bible verse so I share from this edition the New
Living Translation it’s every man’s Bible there’s it’s a Study Bible and
it’s written the the study notes are written for a male perspective and lots
of times I apply them to just a general perspective and then we dive into one
sometimes two verses each day and the reason for that is just to share some
positivity share the pump up share the word of God spread our faith to our
friends and and people that are out there so if you’re watching this do me a
favor and if you would share the video that would be fantastic if you’re if
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Mike YouTube channel I share both places I simulcast it and then I archive it so
you can share it out I’ve got I don’t know a couple hundred
videos out there with with individual Bible verses so I’d love for you to join
me and participate so with that said I’m gonna jump into this morning’s first
this morning I’m gonna be sharing move this down a little bit kind of looks
goofy to me this morning I’m going to be sharing from mark chapter five verse
thirty-six mark chapter five verse 36 says but Jesus overheard them and said
to gyruss don’t be afraid just have faith don’t be afraid just have faith
such a simple reminder right faith is required for God to work in us and
through us and around us what we put out there what we what we put out into the
world it has to be an outpouring and open proclamation of our faith and the
thing is it doesn’t even have to be a big one we just we have to stick with it
it doesn’t have to be huge we don’t have to to broadcast it necessarily I know
that’s my thing it literally broadcast it but when we we put our faith out
there it doesn’t have to be this massive production it just has to be pointed in
the right direction faith has to have the right intent it has to be persistent
it has to be consistent persistence means to continue until right to keep
going until you reach your outcome and so faith has to keep going until you
reach the the outcome faith has to continue you have to continue speaking
to people sometimes preaching to people sharing with people loving people being
kind to people engaging people until they come to faith you know we get
prematurely disappointed sometimes in people or in our environments or even in
ourselves in what we think are the outcomes we think well this is what the
outcome is that this is already finished and God why did you present this to me
what God why did you handle this this way and we we question right we we do
for lack of a better term we get prematurely disappointed
in what we think the outcome is and the reality is you need to know this if it
hasn’t happened yet just know this if it hasn’t happened yet for you keep going
until right that’s having faith you have to continue you have to have that
persistence of faith so you’ve got to keep going until keep going that’s the
message for this morning so I appreciate you getting up and joining me have that
faithful persistence and continue until the outcome is achieved so thank you for
getting up and joining me I appreciate you again if you’re watching live thank
you so much I appreciate that if you’re watching later on that’s fantastic I
know most people will click that share button let’s get the word out share the
Word of God share your faith share some positivity share some motivation you
know get it out there I would appreciate it and I know that it’s important that
we get the Word of God out and and well that’s it it’s important that we get the
Word of God out so thanks for joining me this morning I hope you’re having a
great day a great start so far and until we speak next I hope you have an
absolutely fantastic day we’ll talk to you soon everybody

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