Marc Joseph the urban poet – Great Amir Khan .. (for poets an boxing fans alike )

the roar of the crowd I made they all sing I'm in and the counting make their way to the ring I mean once again he's in the spotlight this is what the fans wanted is the world title fight I mean it's surrounded by all I can camp this is a maze big dream of becoming world champ I mean his family and friends are there in the crowd this is your night song I miss dad shouts aloud at home all of Britain are glued to the screen I'm here looks amazing let's focus to me again the crowd roll and we hit a bad thing the great American Carly steps in the ring the ref calls on both Isis and he goes through me through I'm in his dream that this moment is a small boy at school both fighters touch gloves ding ding it's round one at last as he started the big fight is on the stadium's fall now and the thousands are singing and there is dancing and his punches start swinging I mean it's a chump with a left and a right the funds already sub-sites I make cars like the bad girls again and it's the end of an one you can hear them his dad Charlie keep it up so ding ding its round two I mean it's that's your boy like Muhammad Ali he starts thinking of floating amazing control he has set the fight space he even Frank Rollins got a smile on his face the smiling in Bolton and belying Wigan Nicky had any smiling that Barry McGuigan ding ding it's round three counts closing him down throws a jab and a hot cut their challenges down in steps enough for the count once a turn on his cars cornish out finishing then in new Zamir as the count stops at four move one open court he knocks him back to the floor to deaf stops a fight at last he is one Britain and the world have a new champion his name's American and his nobodies feel and they dreamed of this moment sits a small boy at school

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