Manmohan Desai – Biography

23 thoughts on “Manmohan Desai – Biography

  1. His movies were good but he Portrayed women as Poor Things Bechari's in all his films. This resulted in many men becoming gays.

    Nobody likes weaklings.

  2. Jo Chhapta Hai Wo Sach nahi hota , aur Jo Sach hota hai usey chhapa nahi jaa sakta ,

    What is Printed , now taped, is not necessarily True, and What is True, can not be Printed (talked)
    Cause of Death, Failure in Love, Frictions with Son, needs to be scrutinized and brought to Light

  3. Agaer director ki nazar se dekha jay to desai sahab bahut hi achchhe director the butt thode chidchide mijaz ke the

  4. मेरी पहली पसंद स्वर्गीय श्री मनमोहन देसाई जी

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