Man Booker 2018 author shortlist video: Daisy Johnson

so it's about a young woman called Gretel who goes looking for her mother because she hasn't seen for nearly a decade and as she looks she begins remembering what it was like to live with her mother on the river and she remembers a particular winter the last winter she saw her mother when a boy named Marcos lived with them and when there was something in the water there was a creature in the water called a bow neck and it's a novel in different threads as Gretel takes on the voices of the other characters it's a novel about fate and family and love and I think especially about memory and how memories work how we forget things how our memories change over time I wanted something dark I wanted something that will be challenging that would be potentially difficult to set in a contemporary time and so I decided on this myth I think I was initially really drawn to it because it's weird you know it's about fate it's got a lot of magic in it it's got prophecy and see if I could pick it apart and put it back together in a different way

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