Male Writers React To Mean Comments Their Female Co-Workers Get Online [LABS]

– “You’re a f*cking idiot.” -“Why are so many women
retarded?” – “Wow what an obnoxious dumb
c*nt you are” – Wasn’t even clever – The best part of this is that
this guy is a barista at Starbucks telling other people
that they’re f*cking idiots. – I don’t know why the anonymity
of a keyboard allows dudes to feel like they can use the
C-word. – It’s an aggressive thing to
say to a stranger you don’t
know. – He said, “I’d stick it in her
butt.” Well, I think it’s only fair
that she gets to stick it in
your butt first, buddy. – “She’s annoying. Nothing a
cock in her mouth can’t fix
though. Thumbs up.” – He put a thumbs up at the end
like he’s congratulating himself for a comment well done. OZ
Dexter, you suck. – Seriously, dude? “She sounds like a 30
plus-year-old women who is still
single.” – Oh, obviously because
women above 30 have to be married or they’re not worth
anything, right? OK, cool. – And then someone commented
under that, “No doubt, dude. Just
look at her picture. What a
mutt! Woof! Woof!” OK, that’s like way too much! -Great, so someone is now
thinking it’s cool to compare
women to dogs, which is definitely like a 2016
forward thinking thing to do,
so, that’s awesome. -“This bitch need the sh*t
slapped out of her. Weak men my
ass, it isn’t weak when they don’t beat the f*ck
out of you for being a total
f*ck stick.” -Dennis ***** who works at the
US army! This guy is an
American employ ..a government employed person
and he’s writing
the worst thing I’ve ever read
in my entire life. I don’t understand why anyone
would ever get on the Internet and argue why a women needs to
have her ass kicked. It’s clearly another notch above
the types of things that uhh,
the men on this site get, and, I mean unfortunately that’s
how it is across the Internet. Uhh it makes me feel very angry.
Usually when I’m attacked online
it’s for my arguments it’s not
for how I look. to say they don’t just like attack my
sexuality or my appearance. -I feel like it’s unfair, a
little bit, to have like that
extra aspect. -Everyone is a person. You know.
No one should take abuse.
Unfortunately, I definitely
think that women get the short end of it,
and that’s definitely something
that’s deep-rooted in society. -As much as you don’t want to
engage these people, they’re
also not going to go away if they think what
they’re doing is actually making
a difference, so letting them know that
their useless comments are
really useless, I think, would
bring us forward. -Yeah, I think that’s the
biggest thing just be aware that it’s going on and stop it if you

100 thoughts on “Male Writers React To Mean Comments Their Female Co-Workers Get Online [LABS]

  1. I love that some men clicked on this video, and are continuing exactly what this video is trying to bring awareness to. How simple minded, and pathetic can you be.

  2. I mean if the girls writing the articles were jerks, or dumb ass fuxk, I'd get why hateful comments rolled in for a reason, but if not, its just trolls who like to make themselves feel good and hope it'll get them some laughs from themselves and others

  3. …internet hate comments are not an exclusively gendered problem. Just about anyone with an online presence or unpopular opinion receives this kind of filth.

  4. I can't sympathize with anyone in the video.

    Men were trying too hard to sound like they care.
    Women were writing garbage (Let's be honest, it is garbage; would you read it?)
    The people who wrote the comments were idiots.

  5. umm, these women were writing articles about anal sex, being a bitch, and feminist bullshit. what kind of comments were they expecting?

  6. What fantastic opportunity for self promotion, lets go on the internet (the capital for negative-unintelligent assholes who freely share their opinion without consequence) and pick out vile and disgusting comments towards women to show how "non-sexist" and what "good guys you are". Then offer mediocre responses in return. This is like a random person off the street picking up a piece of trash, commenting "oh this shouldn't be hear," and then standing around for 5 minutes waiting for the other people to start clapping. I agree with and understand the message but question the delivery and the motive.

  7. You cunts must be new to the Internet.
    I record videos on a weekly basis (not on this profile, but feel free to look). I get "attacked" for my looks very, very often. I get picked on for my voice, speech, looks, clothing choice for that video, et cetera.

    But nooooo – I am a white male, so it's fine. Women, however, should never ever have to endure the pain of anonymous comments jabbing at a video they made. Equality must be achieved!!!

  8. Being online men can unleash their inner most feelings about women and other things they love to talk shit about. It's not men who actually contribute to society , but usually lazy men who have nothing better to do in life but to hurt others feelings online. How good does it feel to hurt someone's feelings, is it worth it?

  9. LOL! Mangina Writers React to Mean Comments Their Female..ahem…Feminist B*tches Co-Workers Get Online.
    There, I fixed the title for you.

  10. I don't get how comments online are a big problem, it has one the easiest way to end "mean" comments, either block, get off, or turn off the computer. Like seriously, if you sit there and subject yourself willingly what do you expect. It's better to be surrounded with good and bad then just good because you become overly sensitive to the bad. That's how we have liberals today, fucking pussies who castrate themselves In the name of safe spaces.

  11. Demonizing man, sex and races is just so popular these days. One would think human beings could be equally capable of just not giving a fuck about this meaningless acts without social media trying to tell them whats right or wrong. Like that wasn't ever manipulated to make people believe only one kind of idiosyncrasy is valid for them before.

  12. …and ironically this video will not only not stop these comments, but if I know the internet (and i do) this will encourage more of these comments to be made.

  13. better be careful, the fine bros and Jimmy Kimmel are gonna sue ya! of course, no one cares about feminazi bullshit like this. I'm pretty sure pussy riot is behind the camera pointing an AK47 at these men. call for help. #helpthesepoorbastards

  14. Well to be honest when the entire culture of women are put on a pedestal. Men will harbor feelings of ill will towards them because we work hard to support you. When you can just go to anyone you want an get whatever you want whenever you want it.

  15. I'm a woman and I hate bitches who complain about not being equal…like stfu hoes and smoke a blunt

  16. It's called free speech dumbasses. Just like the writers who have the wrote to post those articles, commenters have the write to day whatever they want even if it is irrelevant to the topic at hand. It works both ways.

    Honestly if you're feelings get hurt by irrelevant comments made by stupid people on the internet, than you need reevaluate the reasons why you use the internet in first place. You're going to inevitably to find people like this no matter where you go, there's literally no way you can stop this.

    Unless you want to take away rights… than you're in the wrong.

    So grow up, and learn to take insults.

  17. Did these guys forget how the internet works, because all those people would really say those things in person in real life right. How they represent themselves online with fake names and fake profiles is exactly how they are in real life.

  18. I'm a dude and some says somethings like that to women in front of me they going how a real men can hit.

  19. Liberals do few things quite well, race bait, class warfare, and most importantly divide men and women for determinant of a family. #Stop3rdWaveFeminism

  20. C-word. Seriously? Where do they breed these internet puritans?
    I cannot take seriously adults who're afraid of internet comments.
    You wanna be safe? Use social media accordingly.
    Start with the social media guides for teens, should be age appropriate emotionally speaking.

  21. I think if you refer to Women as "Bitches" in your article's title, then you can't get upset if a man calls someone a bitch.

  22. How are all these people commenting spinning something else out of this? This video is acknowledging and highlighting the shit loads of women see everyday and how bad it is, and then people are commenting the same exact thing. Where is the logic?

  23. I get it, but the thing about the Internet is that there is always some asshole with a superiority complex and a keyboard; unfortunately, I'm still having a hard time trying to figure out why you tubers and mainstream media constantly reward hate comments by broadcasting them or addressing them–let them pass like the tumbleweeds in the wind they are and move on.

  24. I feel really bad for these women being called this stuff and also the men who are reading them, they are so innocent and pure. One said that this was the worst thing he ever read, how cute. If I had to guess none of these people grew up with family or friends who talk shit to each other, I don't know them personally but they do seem very thin-skinned. Maybe I'm used to harsher and more creative attacks from friends and the wonderful world of Call of Duty lobbies, but these insults are weak at best. I've been called all types of names, my sexual preference questioned, my dick size made fun of, shit talked about my family, threatened with violence, rape, and other less creative insults, all from people who don't know me or what i look like. Does it bother me? No, because I've seen it all and heard it all to the point where I know how to react. The only time any of these insults should affect you is if they are right and you're pretending they're wrong.

    If someone said that I have a small dick, first I'll laugh, then probably reply with "how did you know?, and then see how they react. Most of the time they have nothing else to say because I turned their insult on them, but if they do I'll reply in the same playful manner, by the way it is average…I swear it is average….please believe me….please. Reply with humor and kindness when confronted with hostility and you will see better results…what am I an Ancient Chinese Philosopher over here, jeez. Next time someone sends you a message like "You are ugly", send them a cute kitten meme or gif, you'll feel better.

    But honestly reading the title for those articles like "How to date like a feminist", the person who wrote that was mostly likely being obnoxious let's be honest here.

  25. welcome to the Internet
    people say mean shit solely to get a reaction, and it's videos like this that are giving them what they want

  26. I'm a guy and I get hate comments all the time but you don't see me whining about it. Elite daily is just saying that women are week minded and can't handle their own problems, so much for equality.

  27. i don't support what they say about women but the come backs and the effort to be funny is extremely bad and forced

  28. To be fair the "I'll stick it in her butt." was a comment on "A Butthole Manifesto: Why Anal should be reserved for the one."an article about anal it hardly seems fair to call it unsolicited in that instance.

  29. This whole feminist movement of the 2010s is the biggest joke. Women in American don't even realize how good they have it. Take a trip over to the United Arab Emirates and look at how women are treated over there then I'd like to see you come back and complain about how unequal this system is. I don't need to see feminist propaganda all over my screen whenever I get online keep that shit to yourself.

  30. Awaiting all the thumb bombs from misogynist cry babies. The idea than men are being oppressed, or that feminism isn't necessary, is both extremely laughable and dangerous.

  31. It's hilarious how this comment section and many of the commenters therein perfectly prove the point of the video. Also, I assume this was linked on some sort of MRA site, considering the number of people using their sad, pathetic terminology.

  32. These guys are making me cringe. Dudes get shit too; people are more protective of women, so they notice negative comments towards them more. Maybe ignore them, or get thicker skin?

  33. Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

  34. I actually would consider working at starbucks a step up from working at a place who would take a vile creature such as Lauren Martin seriously.

  35. >someone is now thinking it's cool to compare women to dogs

    But haven't women been saying "all men are dogs" for decades?

  36. Depending on the context, there is nothing wrong it all with what any of these guys said. Depemds on what the women were doing or saying. Same woth guys, who get cussed out on the internet daily, but no one acts like that's the atrocity of the goddamn century.

  37. I've gotten way worse than that playing call of Duty lmfao, these beta males need to harden the fuck up. lol they wanted to tear up on camera, hllarious. the world is dark and cruel, I'd you don't harden up, it'll ear you

  38. Is there a video asking the women to read the comments there male co workers get?


    Of coarse not!

  39. This is just generic whining. You're going to have someone mention your gender/sex and target you for whatever race you are, job you have (as one of them did), your education, and the way you look, etc. They're targeting you intentionally, you're not unique or special for having it happen. Fuck off.

  40. Where are these people going online that they don't get the same amount of hate women get? It's like they pluck them from their "safe spaces" for fifteen minutes to be offended on Camera. Also why is it that dick is an acceptable insult but cunt is not?

  41. I get more women talking shit then men, and this is just bull shit , women make less because they take lower paying jobs, and I get women calling me all kinds of things not men, the only guy who has ever called me any derogatory name is my ex, I'm feel sorry for women who think they are victims, I bet everyone of these guys have had some one call them worse names in person, on the internet, and by women so put down the koolaide and move on.

  42. So correct me if I'm wrong but I thought that the purpose of this video was to show the guys that women do get some pretty nasty verbal abuse and that they aren't just making shit up.

  43. Men are so unaware of how women are really treated…and that's why women rarely comment. ITs a hate platform.

  44. Men in the youtube comment section are despicable woman hating pieces of shit these days. If anything, it's women who should be hating men for being treated like second class citizens throughout history and even the present and the crimes men commit. You men shouldn't have the audacity to disrespect women.

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