Male Model Poses For Beginners ( Photoshoot Tips )

hey guys it’s Daniel here from DLM model
lifestyle I’m here with photographer Nikita I’ll
add a link in the description so you can check out her photos today in this video
I’m gonna show you how to do male model poses for men I thought it’s better to
do it while we’re doing the photo shoot so then you can see how it looks like in
real life so let’s start of the basics so what is male poses? well it’s just you
basically facing the camera and showing your best angles to get a good shot now
the first thing that you need to get used to is people in the background
whether you’re in location shoots or in the studio there’s going to be some
people looking at you all the time so you have to get used to this there’s a
lot of factors that comes into posing it’s not just you
it’s the type of lights the type of photographer it’s the location that you
are playing with it’s the clothes that you have on the hairstyle that you have it’s a
lot of things but today is just the basics so we are just working on the
basic modeling poses and what you want to do is you want to remember these
angles the front angle left 45 and right 45 these are your main three angles your
left side might be better or for some your right side might be better it
depends on your angles but mostly you use these three angles where you look
directly to the camera 45 degrees to the left and 45 to the right
the second thing that you need to remember is that not everybody is so
natural in front of the camera for some it is very natural to pose in front of the
camera and for some it takes a little bit of practice so don’t be too hard on
yourself just get used to it and then once you get those three angles down
there are three different poses main poses just standing just normal standing
pose and then you have walking poses as well so you can play around with it a little
bit the third tip that I can give you is you add these different angles which is
different kind of poses so whether you’re walking or you’re standing or if
you’re sitting down do it in all these different angles of course there are
more so you can look at the camera where Nikita is and look totally 90
degrees and add something interesting but I’ll talk a lot about those kind of
things later on in some other videos subscribe if you want to check those out
anyway let’s get back to the basic beginner male model poses
so you walk stand a little bit keep different directions alright so one
thing that you need to remember is the direction and angle of your face
it’s very important your body has these three angles right but with your face
you can look everywhere like you will look in real life so let’s do a few
where I just stand left 45 degrees direction look at how many different
poses I can do by just changing my face and a little bit of my body you also need to remember the type of Photographer that you shoot with some shoot very fast so you need to move while they shoot and
normally you hear it click sound and then you know the photo is done so you
change some photographers take a long time to focus and others they do it fast
so you can just keep on moving and they get their shots in play around
with your hands play with your face expressions look far look near look to
the camera and play with your body you see your body and your face they play
together they work together to get a good picture with the type of clothes
that you have on another thing that you need to remember is if the photographer comes closer to you it usually is just upper body shot but if they’re a little bit
further away you know it’s a full body shot
so when Nikita is close like this you have to remember to play with your
expressions and keep your upper body in different directions like this it
doesn’t matter how you look here from this part here down sometimes you can
move a lot and keep these interesting poses working with the clothes and with
your hands but sometimes just normal basic poses is really good
just standing and looking at different directions so there’s a lot of different
hand poses that you can do if the photographer’s close to you like this
bring your hands up a little bit play around so these are upper body shots but if
the Photographer wants to do full length shots play around with your legs do some walking poses do the type of poses that looks natural and normal don’t fake them don’t do this kind of weird poses
just be normal and natural remember the angles, I am playing around with just these 3 angels all the time Left 45 to the camera what makes a
model really good if you have big variety of model poses now you need to
learn how to pose in different directions different facial expressions
with different clothes the best tip is natural is best I’m going to pose for
you just natural poses without even putting my hands in my pockets or really
using them I’m just gonna use the angles 45 degrees to the left to the camera 45
degrees to the right walking and standing post that’s it look how that’s
done alright guys there you have it now you
know how to do male modeling poses for beginners but before you go I just want
to give a big thanks to Nikita she’s an awesome awesome photographer and I will add a link in the description so you can check out her work she’s also my wife which is
pretty awesome because I can get new test shoots whenever I want but thank
you so much for checking out this video if you want to see some more videos
about modeling please subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “Male Model Poses For Beginners ( Photoshoot Tips )

  1. Man!!! I looove this video. It's been a long time since the last time I found something so useful for my photography. I wish well…you should get far because you're authentic.
    Love from Spain!

  2. great video as always, especially like the tip about not being hard on yourself if your not super comfortable off the bat, thanks for sharing

  3. I want to become model I am 32 years old. Can you tell me where do I start from. How to contact with modelling agency.

  4. After watching this video, I've learned 2 simple steps to nail the male poses.
    Step 1: Be attractive
    Step 2: Don't be unattractive.

  5. Awesome! Thanks! You look great in all 3 angles! I'm trying to shoot a lot of men this year! This helps! Thanks!

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  7. 1- Have a model body
    2- have a model face
    3- have a great looking outfit
    4- have confidence all the time
    5- eat the way models eat.

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  10. Gold Dust!
    I wish I knew this when I did modelling shoots.
    I am very unphotogenic natural shots
    Looked good but the posey ones weren’t great.
    I present a lot a wing it by ignoring the camera however I always wished I knew a bit more about the Art of modelling.

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  14. Excellent.Such as humble and kind spirit.
    Man your video help with me. Thank-you so much

  15. You look great in pictures! I on the other hand have not look good in a picture since 1957 the year I was born!! I'm never relaxed in front of camera and I usually end up looking like a Star trek alien !!

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