Making Music With My Singing Monsters Composer

today I'm gonna be making music with the application my singing monsters composer let's go ahead and get started I am a Furcal and I'll help you make you for a song so Evan actually played my singing monsters before other people have actually told me to try it out and when I went to go download the app the other day I found this application instead and I liked the look of it a whole lot more than the normal game it cost eight dollars though so I hope it's worth it is actually reminding me a whole lot of Mario Paint um god okay so we've actually got a full-on keyboard here what I have to press record before I can try it out I don't want to save that I screwed that up okay know that we're all done with that tutorial let's go hit a stunt you saw and I'm already lost I forgot what I have to do let's go through enable listen to some of these monsters damn that is a lot of stuff to work we do oh that's pretty cool nice good old noggin waagh no don't think i'm gonna be easy that one I am kiddo t rocks why don't you sign up for this reah deej now one thing I can't figure out is why there is background noise get rid of that that's better anyway let's get start off with our rear deej it's actually a pretty cool example I'm like oh my god everything's way suits haughty me so I think before I start putting in any notes I'm actually gonna have to change my key signature and I think we're just gonna go for c-sharp minor' I should do some possible to delete any notes yeah that does sound good so far let's just repeat that melody okay so it took me quite while it's quite hard to put down notes especially if you place the wrong one it can be a bit hard to delete whatever note you put down because everything is so small but anyway I'm all finished with my first melody let's go ahead and have a listen to it yeah that's good okay so that is the first instrument taken care of let's go ahead and move on to the next one let's give it a try so I'm just using this rear bogart to put in a very simple bassline let's go oh my god me deserve it let's go like that just go let's give that a try yeah that looks pretty well so I think the rear Bogart was a success and I think it's time to move on to the next instrument I'm thinking we should go for some percussion by liking the shell beat everything is really compressed though super loud where all these percussion sounds why does everything sounds so weak oh my god put the snare in there so now I've just looped my drum beat over a couple of times let's go ahead and have a listen to the finished beat pretty happy with that I think I'm just gonna have to add on some extra drum sounds from some of these other monsters I quite like the snare on this rare tea rocks yeah that's good so the basic drums are sounding pretty decent so far I might have done some extra percussion sounds but I'll come back to that later on let's just move on to heading and some more instruments I think I'm gonna add in some chords punch out these mores there's sound pretty good did it did it did it did it did it oh hey let's see how that sounds then it's kind of working I just need to figure out something for the end maybe that will sound better I've just moved these notes from the third bar on wood up a few semitones let's go ahead and have us its what is it sounding like now so I'm headed in six different monsters here my be discern to sound pretty full at the moment I'm pretty happy with how it is sounding I think I've got pretty much everything that I need I only really need to make a four bar loop because you can actually go through and mix all of the instruments together in the performance mode so yeah anyway here's my first beat made inside of my singing monsters composer enjoy so there we go that is the first song even though it's his song ii don't know what's going on there it was still the first song that i've made inside my singing monsters composer know that i have a better understanding of how this application works and actually gonna have a play around and try come up with some other beats just because it is actually quite fun to play around woods so yeah let's go ahead and start making some old beats okay so let's go ahead and start a new project and now for the speed i actually wanna try to mixing things up a little bit so i'm actually gonna start off with some held notes I'm not too sure which monsters are able to do health notes I think this one here might be able to okay so what we do for our first chord so let's just make our first chord just go like that and oh he said to drag these notes out like that so I've got myself a nice little held chord let's go ahead and ever listen to it no I drag them out I'm getting good at this now we just need to do our last chord for the progression and I think that should pretty much be it so let's go ahead and have a listen to our chord progression and I think it is time to move on to the next instrument I look at this waka try wow wow wow wow wow wow wow go on I'm getting so confused that onto my little progression I think that is it for the Flavell it's gonna like wow actually sounds really good so now let's get off the flog and it's funded you instrument Thank You Travis okay puss you should be held notes wow it's a bit deep Jen last note right there let's have a listen to that yeah I think that works pretty happy with octopus let's try out this shrub it sounds pretty cool beatboxing sounds take that back disgusting so now I think it is time to start bringing in some drums I really want to try out some different ones so I just stick with the percussion sounds so I might go with was it noggin I think Nolan was pretty good damn that's Matt they were just putting a little bit like that yeah that is working well I think we just need to layer it up with some of the sounds so just editing some high hats and a couple of crashes and I think my drum pattern is pretty much finished that wasn't to start and now I think I'm starting to run out of room in this beat so I might just add in one more monster I'm not really too sure what I want wire and I was going to use it to create a little melody at the end of bars that should do and now that I'm all done with that I think I'm pretty much finished with this beat I ended up using a total of 14 monsters in this beat and I like it a lot more than the first one so here anyway here is my second beat made with my singing monsters composer enjoy again [Applause] [Applause] so there we go that is my singing monsters composer I must admit that that F is actually pretty fun to make music with it is pretty much just a modern version of Mario Paint but actually think I enjoy this app a whole lot more it's actually got a pretty decent selection of instruments or monsters whatever you want to call them there is also some really weird instruments which I don't think I'd ever use but I still think this app is pretty decent and I think would be a pretty good introduction to music making and just as it is the my singing monsters a composer I'll leave a link to it down in the description for anyone who wants to check it out and yeah I think there's gonna wrap it up for this video I will see all of you in there tomorrow tomorrow I'll upload a video tomorrow thanks watching everybody bye you

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  1. 47 monsters + all the earthreals (+ 16) = 63 monsters in the composer app / 70 if you count the Dipsters as separate (including rares) in the 1.2 update of the game

  2. In the second song, you missed a great opportunity to make that last note lead into a melody for the oaktapus

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