Making a Will – a professional will writer gives his advice

Hello I’m Rod Fisher and I passionately believe that everyone should make a Will In fact I strongly believe that making a Will should be made compulsory at age eighteen. it’s estimated that anytime about
seventy percent of UK adults do not have valid Wills. i’ve heard all kinds of excuses for not
making a will I’ve nothing to leave… i’m too young… my wife or partner gets everything anyway it’s too complicated I can’t decide who to leave things to… and so on. in fact none of these reasons are
actually true it’s vital to make it will so just do it As a Wills and Probate specialist I’ve seen the horrendous problems faced by surviving relatives when someone dies
without leaving a valid will additional worry and stress, family arguments severe financial
problems loss of the family home unnecessary cost and even having to soue
your own children If you’re living with a partner – but not married – and your partner dies without a will you’ve known legal claim to their assets Everything goes to their blood relatives – and if your partner owned the house – you’ll be left homeless and there’s no such thing as a
common-law partner either If you’re married with children and your spouse dies without a Will you’re only entitled to the first £250,000 of assets The rest is placed in two Trusts of equal value for your children which they’ll inherit at age 18 You’ll get an income from one Trust but nothing from the other – and no access at all to the capital. And if your house alone is worth more than the £250,000 limit – there’s an immediate problem. You can end up suing your own children in Court to borrow some of their inheritance! For families with young children, making a Will is an absolute must. if both parents die and there’s no will the Court and Social Services will choose Guardians for your children – and while they sort things out they could be placed in foster care. don’t assume your parents brothers or
sisters will get immediate custody if you love your children make a will right away! By pointing guardians in a will you
avoid this problem And if you’ve children from a previous relationship a Will is vital to ensure that they benefit on your death. If your partner remarries leaving your assets to their new family, your children could completely lose out. Wills can also be really useful in reducing the impact of care fees and inheritance tax on your estate and for protecting children with special needs by adding trusts. Finally, a Will is an essential legal document and it’s vital to get it right. Don’t try to do it yourself. What suddenly makes you think you’re a legal expert? And don’t be tempted by either cheap internet Wills
or bargain Will offers in the press both of which can often cause problems Can you really get a properly drafted Will for just £35.00? Be realistic – and expect to pay about £120.00 for a basic single will. Always use a Will specialist to write your Will – such as a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers all institute members are highly
qualified fully insured, and operate to a strict code of practice which is Office
of Fair Trading approved. And remember many solicitors are not Will specialists – despite their claims. Always carefully check out the qualifications and experience of the person you use and don’t choose on price alone. So now, it’s over to you. Make your will without delay You owe it to your loved ones. Why not call us for our free information pack on freephone 0800 – 849 – 8095.

17 thoughts on “Making a Will – a professional will writer gives his advice

  1. Nice video, only a little thin on actual advice about will writing… Apart from 1) get a will, and 2) use a professional.

  2. Really like your video, clear, precise, and to the point.  I am one of those who are yet  to make a new will.  The problems with Will's I think, is that a Will becomes associated with death or the passing away (a painful experience). This may explain why people avoid this process, believing hopefully that they can be forever young, avoiding responsible steps to write a will's and state their wishes precisely to those who they leave behind.  The BIG….BIG…BIG thing for me in this video, is to avoidance of family arguments, and if this is not crystallized in a Will, then things can get ugly indeed. Many thanks Rod

  3. money making scams for solicitors and probate, there's no law to stop any one from going against a will  and tell lies to get what they want ,this happened to us when our mother died, and to kick us even further it was the solicitor  who made our mothers will that went against it with a third party ,and guess what the law backed it up all the way, so stop deceiving the public

  4. if he was a professional he would tell the truth on what can go wrong, how the law wont back eny dead persons will up, and why,?because they want money ,so the government gets as much as possible in tax,,don't go to solicitors tell your parents or who ever to sort the estate whilst they are living 

  5. CEOSAFE is an advance planning system that provides tools and resources necessary to preserve your life legacy, ensure your loved ones are taken care of and that your wishes get carried out in the event you pass away or become medically incapacitated.

  6. My mother made 3 last wills in her last ten years – All of them meant nothing!! My multi millionaire sister who was paid out prior to mum passing made a claim on mums will there fore getting the majority of mums estate (I had to pay her out to prevent going to court). Mum left everything to me as I paid for mums house, etc. so she could have a decent final last years. Sometimes there is a reason why people make a will!! I am poor (200 K) and partially disabled. My mother was of sound mind, I now know that any document written by anyone at any time at any place with any professional means absolutely nothing! I can not believe that as advanced as we are we are still so far behind. The hatred I have is unimaginable.

  7. I have no children so I get nothing being a daughter in law Montana inline estate frauds scams my in-laws my dad's third wife's family fights

  8. My brother is named executor in my parents will & my parents r still living. Problem is I feel that I get left out of all the knowledge of their financial matters. I know I should talk to them abt it, but it's a touchy subject. Do I have a right to know all their financial matters now before they pass on?

  9. I'm an only child and my fathers only left. He's never made a will. would i inherit.. he's only got about 20,000 in the bank and no estate.. I've read it goes to next of kin.

  10. of paper. On it there was pencilled as follows:— MICHAEL HENCHARD'S WILL "That Elizabeth-Jane Farfrae be not told of my death, or made to grieve on account of me. "& that I be not bury'd in consecrated ground. "& that no sexton be asked to toll the bell. "& that nobody is wished to see my dead body. "& that no murners walk behind me at my funeral. "& that no flours be planted on my grave, "& that no man remember me. "To this I put my name. "MICHAEL HENCHARD"

    Hardy, Thomas. The Mayor of Casterbridge

  11. I am 21 and have no kids so I think I printed document signed by hand will suffice. I can't afford a legal service right now

  12. I'm about to ask my father to get off his will he treats me so shitty I'd rather he left it to his girlfriend so she has a reason to kill him

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