Wow wow that was that was so weird [Laughter] [Applause] hey we're make them suffer hey we're novelist okay so you introduce yourself as an interceptor and then both ah okay cool hi I'm Nick what are we not speaking into the mic – hey we're make them suffer hey we're novelist don't start a band don't drink too much no I don't know yeah don't start a band probably the right answer still all the sugar male hmm a celeb a real of my Leo DiCaprio coolest guy ever ah probably Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes uh uh yeah has to be a has to be a musician that's the VA yeah has to be a you know what no seriously the Travis Barker yeah I like to have a beer with Lars Ulrich are gonna be a funny bloke [Laughter] prohibition for me I love the whole math theme kind of they love not drinking that's that's that's the that's the reason by the prohibition I'm a 90s kid so I definitely yeah go back to the nineties mmm I'd take the 70s I think a lot of cool stuff happened in the 70s and I'm definitely joined they're calm they're 90s yeah salmon oh boy yeah just yeah Ross sat with our smoked salmon even raw would be better but yeah smoked yeah passed out with pesto basically yeah that's it I think I'm gonna take sallet because you can literally turn everything into and sell it so you'd skip a ball day but he's saying I'd probably go with seafood just all types of seafood I'll probably double check and then like we all know what we're gonna do but that's is oh I won't be lying on this one so yeah I'm probably gonna check how it is like know what I mean yeah just make sure all my parts are no or Noah double check that I'm not actually male and ya know that's a that's a weird one I'm that's we've never actually been asked that before yeah very I'd probably pour myself a couple cocktails and spend a good hour or two in the jacuzzi sure yeah I don't know I touch my boobs all day I think you know all right Eric and Eric and metal bands do like really sick prodigy covers we've been doing like we've been listening to a lot of prodigy recently thank Dan Ditka day and then and then and then and yeah maybe maybe like some colon or something possibly yeah I'm listening I'm listening a lot to a band called she's at planting at this point so probably a cover of one of their songs triggered would be cool I'd say something by Justin Bieber yeah alcohol man alcohol man to the return I think mine would be Donna man he's gonna be fart man that's fine hard man to go join mine would be kebab men I think mine would be garlic sauce man yeah wingman so my guys alcohol man yeah yeah chips chips and gravy [Laughter] minor thing would be a Nell's deforestation or something like that yeah oh no yeah can you take this for me nigga I can't think of any septic stillbirth I think I play in his band anal deforestation is too good pliable inflatable butt plugs I would sell the plum bus no clue I'm not funny sorry a blumpkin is a blow job while you're taking a dump it's a blumpkin sound so nice will the plum bus actually sell will people actually buy plum buses is my penis finally gonna get bigger at some point can you please give me my money back what's that guy's name Chad Michael Vincent is that his name Chad Michael Vincent Oh Rick and Morty anybody yes you know them but I don't know is the guy he's the guy in the he's the guy oh and the thing the machine thing yeah while they're waiting for Cherie to like you know have surgery in the house yeah yeah I just picked up on that specific took me a while [Applause]


  1. I think they misunderstood that black metal band names are not the same as brutal death metal band names 😀

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