Make grilled peaches with lemon balm gremolata

welcome back to better Kansas City now what do you think some are grilling you probably think hamburger steaks hotdogs but don't forget about the fruit back with us is one half of barbecue Queens as well as cookbook author and novelist Judith fertig welcome thank you for sticking around number one in the show so we're not making margaritas now on this part of the show we are going to be grilling fruit yes we had our cocktail before and now it's good get to work time all right how do we go from from the garden to go seed to sizzle well you can grow things like peaches mm-hmm and and lemon balm which is from my garden lemon and all it comes up you can do that with a leaf Oh kind of like mint you got to work it a little bit and it'll smell like lemonade it does smell like lemonade yeah it's and it comes back every year and it kind of takes over like mint so it's it's a great finishing to a fruit because with hurt you don't want to have too much going on you want to enjoy the flavor of the fruit so I remember it's been a little while ago but someone was you that was here grilling watermelons before okay okay so you like just grilling fruit is that well yeah you know the only thing we don't grill is peas maybe but they'd slip through the grates um yeah yeah you know girl strawberries we don't we don't do that well let's start start making some of these peaches all right how are you cooking them up today sure well you want to make sure that you have halved in and removed the pit from the peaches okay you want outdoor grill or a hot grill pan and then you just put these on and we don't have our grill pan on now that's the wrong kind of pan but but anyway and you just leave him on here you don't turn them you just you just leave it and what you want is to get good grill marks sometimes you get good grill marks sometimes they just get blistered and caramelized because that's all the sugars that are coming up in the fruit and it gives you that toasted marshmallow flavor with the fruit without toasted marshmallow excellent so how do what kind of heat do you want to do that and you want to do a hot heat like you're cooking your meat your slow a low type medium high so and you want to do this before you put your steak on you don't want a mistake on your peaches no you can have peaches on your but not stick on your peaches okay I'm gonna make that into a t-shirt design yeah take on your peaches but no peaches I don't know but let's talk about what is grim is a gremolata gremolata it is an Italian seasoning it's usually used the traditional gremolata is for like a veal shank that's slow-cooked and it's Italian parsley and lemon and a little sometimes a little parmesan and with it but for fruit we've changed it up and and we've got some lemon balm you could add mint to this if you want and what you want to do is just sort of snip this mm-hm snip this in and if you could twist the little salt in here we're using Himalayan sea salt how much do you want just just a couple just a couple no that may be another one yes that's good all right yeah that's good don't have too much salt no not too much salt okay and then we're gonna grate a little lemon zest right here yeah just right through here right through there there you go you just want a little bit Eretz coming there we go no more yeah a little bit more I do it right oh there's a little bit okay yeah you just have to press harder than like being very very gingerly okay here we go gentlemanly with all that okay all right there's good that's good all right and then you want to go back and snip it some more and now we're really getting that lemon yeah can you smell it yeah yeah and then and then the actual zest as well yeah yeah so you want to snip this up a little bit and then when your peaches are done so we'll get our our peach that's done and they'll caramelize up like that yeah they caramelize just beautifully so you do get that toasted marshmallow flavor with your fruit and then as a final finish this is you know very very few calories on this you could have a little ice cream or frozen yogurt with it and see when you when we when you were first or I was first reading about this it's kind of like a lot of the peach cobbler recipe as we used to make these kids out of the campfire you know but this is just kind of a not really a rework on that but just an alter and another way to be able to cook yes yeah another great thing is to do bananas for a grilled banana split really you sliced bananas in half and put them cut side down until they get good grill marks and make fabulous they taste like toffee bananas that you might get at a Chinese restaurant really yeah well I know her I'm stopping on the way home so will do thank you so much for your time can I try one of these sure sure I don't know I'm gonna cut myself off a little piece here on the bottom I think that way I'm not taking a huge slice out of that peach yeah all right mm-hmm but you got me on that banana one day yeah that sounds tremendous yeah we've been we've been at home with the kids we've been doing banana splits it's like a treat on the weekends every once in a while so try that end on my grill next time yeah all right well thank you very much for being here for these great tips outside on the grill some fun ways to incorporate fruit yeah while you're barbecuing this summer blend over to you

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